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( — January 13, 2016) Seattle, WA — A new website designed to help owners of large yards find lawn and landscaping services that cater to big and upscale yards is online today.

The Estate Lawn Care website provides advice in selecting a lawn service that understands the desires of upscale and large property owners.

The site’s editor, Sam DeMars, said her new site fills a void.

“This website is for the homeowner who wants to hire one of the best lawn services in their city, but doesn’t really know which one that is,” stated DeMars, “We provide a short list of companies that tend to go above and beyond the level of service offered by most local lawn care companies.”

“Look, there’s lots of guys who will come out and mow your yard,” continued DeMars, “But for property owners who are very particular about how their home and yard looks, they only want to hire a lawn crew who has a certain level of experience with keeping a lawn looking great.”

“Let’s be honest, some homeowners are just really fussy when it comes to their yards. They expect a lot from the people they hire to take care of it,” she said, “They’re willing to pay more in order to get the level of service they want, but they can also be more demanding too.”

Matching a Demanding Property Owner With the Right Service

While it might seem obvious that any lawn care service would like to get clients that pay more than others do, DeMars stated that this always the case.

“Many lawn care companies prefer to deal with just the average kind of property owner,” DeMars said, “They want to work with property owners who aren’t very fussy. They don’t want a property owner to carefully inspect their completed work or to make complaints or demand they come back and correct their earlier work. They prefer to get to the work site, get the job done as fast as possible and move on to the next one. I mean, they still try to do a good job, but they don’t want to put in a lot of extra time just to make a fussy property owner happy.”

“Not all lawn services are alike. Some do a decent job, but you can never get them on the phone. Some of them show up on a regular schedule, and yet other services, well, you never know when they are going to show up,” concluded DeMars, “Our site showcases the services that answer the phone or call you back right away. They also behave professionally and treat your yard with the level of respect you ask for. They aren’t the least expensive companies in town. In fact, they are usually the most expensive. But they are also among the highest-quality services too.”

DeMars mentioned that because their site is still new, some cities on the site don’t have any company listings yet, but they will soon. For details, you can visit

About Estate Lawn Care is a new online tool designed to help owners of large and upscale yards find the right lawn care service in their area.

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