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( — January 16, 2016) Darien, CT –Headaches never seem to end. Just as we wrap up one year the next years’ nagging issues come back roaring headaches being one of them. Regardless of which type of headaches you get they are miserable. Some feel tension headaches are worse than migraines, while some commiserate that sinus headaches are the worst.The safest thing to understand is all headaches hurt.

  Alas help is on the horizon. A new headache treatment procedure that combines two particularly effective methods is showing promise. The relief is not in the form of a pill so you won’t learn about it from advertising.Cold laser therapy has been used for a number of physical pain conditions.

You may have heard about nerve blocks to treat various types of headaches. This involves injection anesthesia or Botox into a nerve bundle that feeds the Trigeminal nerve bundle behind the nose on each side.The laser beam stimulates nerve cells that are over reacting. Certain cells stimulate while others inhibit. When a trauma or repetitive stress occurs either one of these nerves fires up to counter the offending stress.  The laser pointed to the acupuncture meridians that are related to headaches will then calm the nerves down stopping the pain. The results are astonishing.

The side effects are minimal.The problem is that no one is aware of this new treatment. Now you are.  All too often people rely on medication because that is all they know because of commercials. The medication interrupts the pain pattern but fails to alleviate the underlying cause of the headache. So as the body assimilates the medications the pain subsides but is never addressed.

The acupuncture points are located at strategic points that have been proven to eliminate different types of headaches.  The laser beam fires up mitochondria within the cell which in turn fuels cellular activity. The result is properly functioning nerves that allow for normal communication to the brain via the peripheral nervous system. Once the blockage is removed the body returns to a normal state allowing the nerve to calm down alleviating the cause of the headache. As stated earlier the results are significant and are longer lasting then the medications without side effects.

 One issue is that your medical doctor is unaware of this. Their job is to write a prescription for what ails you. There are no preventive medications for headaches. That does not stop them from writing off label use prescriptions that “may help your headaches”. So the headache sufferer is left to faulty treatment parameters that have been set up by big Pharma.  While no treatment works 100% of the time it behooves headache sufferers to seek alternatives that are safe and quite often more effective than palliative measures in the form of medication.  

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