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(Newswire.net — January 18, 2016) Seattle, WA — A new website intended to help homeowners plan and construct a new addition to their home is online today.

The Home Addition Builders website provides tips and advice on how to find a local building contractor who has the experience to guide homeowners through the process of planning, organizing and carrying out a major home remodeling project.

The site’s editor, Sam DeMars, said this new site isn’t designed to teach the homeowner everything they need to know in order to construct a home addition, but instead, it is designed to help a homeowner find that one specific professional who can help them organize the project from start to finish.

“This website is pretty focused,” stated DeMars, “It is built for homeowners who are considering a home addition. We don’t discuss basic or simple home remodeling projects, it’s solely focused on homeowners and contractors who want to add a new room or two to their existing property.”

“The idea of tearing down exterior walls, running new electric wire and plumbing is a pretty big and scary scenario to a homeowner,” continued DeMars, “The average homeowner can’t take a project like that on by themselves. They need to work with a building professional who has a small team of experienced workers to get it done right.”

Home Addition Projects Are Up All Across the Country

The combination of rising house prices, high real estate sales transaction costs and often limited supply of affordable homes are helping to keep many homeowners in their current home longer than ever before. Many of these homeowners are deciding to invest their time and money in a large remodeling project rather than moving to a different house.

“The process of selling one home, buying another and then moving is a major, stressful ordeal,” DeMars said, “A lot of people have decided it is a better idea to just use their resources to improve their existing home rather than go through the selling and buying process.”

“Most homes aren’t perfect. They have limitations. Most homeowners are painfully aware of their own home’s limitations,” concluded DeMars, “A major remodeling project is generally focused on eliminating as many of those limitations and pain points as possible.”

According to DeMars, some of the most common projects are adding a new master suite, expanding the kitchen, adding an additional bathroom, remodeling an attic or building an area for a mother-in-law suite.

The website is currently centered on homeowners in Washington State, but DeMars said the company will be expanding to other states as well.

DeMars concluded that because her site is still new, most cities and pages on the website don’t have specific contractor or builder listings yet, but they will soon. For details, you can visit http://www.HomeAdditionBuilders.com.

About Home Addition Builders

HomeAdditionBuilders.com is a new online tool designed to help homeowners team up with a professional home contractor in order to plan and complete a major addition to their house.

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