Could You Get Rid Of Eczema For Less Than $5?

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( — January 21, 2016) — Imagine you are out in a public place. You try enjoying yourself and others around you but there is a constant nagging. Just something you simply can’t ignore, something dominating your thoughts. A relentless itching that you only hope no one notices. You shift in your seat making sure the irritated area is covered because it’s just too embarrassing. Eczema affects more than 30 million Americans. It’s a miserable skin condition with no cure and there is no known cause. When diagnosed, it’s something you will deal with for the rest of your life.

In trying to relieve symptoms, people with eczema are introduced to a plethora of temporary fixes. Money is wasted on treatments of creams, lotions, and regimes in search of something that will work, but very few pan out. The unforgiving symptoms of eczema flare back up. The red, scaly, cracked dry skin that comes along with burning itchy rashes and blisters eventually takes its toll on a person’s emotional well-being.

This is especially a sensitive matter when it’s a child. Just about 90% of all eczema cases are diagnosed before the age of five. For their entire life they could deal with bouts of eczema keeping them up at night, having open sores from incessant itching, being frustrated while trying to concentrate, getting picked on by other kids, and struggling with self-confidence.

Enter goat milk.

As this might seem to be quite a little out of left field, there are some things most don’t actually know about this liquid gold.

Our skin, when dried out and cracked, is desperately hungry for nourishment. It craves nutrients and will take in the good right along with the bad in popular soaps and lotions. The largest organ of our body needs all the good it can get. Goat milk is full of fatty acids, vitamins, and proteins. Easily absorbed into our skin, the fatty acids and proteins go through the dead skin cells (along with removing them) to deliver vitamin A, D, E, and K to the living tissue; which hydrates, moisturizes, renews, and protects your skin.

This is why we chose to make our natural soap out of this stuff, along with healthy oils including coconut, palm, olive, and essential oils. These few simple and pure ingredients let your skin bring in all of the good without dealing with any of the bad. We exclude the normal dyes, harsh chemicals, synthetic preservatives, detergents, and fillers found in regular soaps that skin can actually soak up right into the bloodstream.

In using all natural goat milk soap to ease eczema symptoms, many have experienced quick relief from this painful disease. We have seen amazing results when taking frequent baths with this soap. Baths aren’t usually recommended in helping people with eczema since water can dry skin out even more, but one of the many benefits of using goat milk is that it fills in those dry cracks, locking in the moisture.

If you are struggling with eczema, do your skin a huge favor and grab yourself an oatmeal and honey milk bath in a bag (or choose any other of our many light and refreshing scents). Try relaxing by taking a few 10-15 minute baths, with just a handful or two of these goat milk soap curls added in, and see just how much your life changes. With the milk and oils, your skin will soften and be noticeably nourished, relieving symptoms while helping you regain confidence. Not to mention the luxurious spa effect that comes with every single milky white bath!

If you know someone who deals with eczema, tell them about this basic all natural soap bar that can turn things around for them!

*We also have 100% natural goat milk lotion and it is definitely an extra boost in moisturizing, hydrating, and rejuvenating your skin. The formula carefully formed for this lotion has no chemical preservatives, parabens, GMOs, toxic components, or any of the other junk found in other lotions. It’s hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive skin! We’ve included shea butter, aloe vera, and there are four different lotions to choose from. This lotion will help soothe your skin from that irritating itchiness, giving your skin the chance to heal with the support of goat milk.

Happy Lathering!

Bend Soap Company

As a family owned business, Bend Soap Company consists of a heath-loving team who live on a hobby farm in Bend, Oregon. With eight children, Dwight and Marilee Johnson spend their days milking their goats, making soap and playing on 40 acres of fun. After they realized one of their son’s was dealing with eczema, Dwight went on a mission to find out how to help somehow and goat milk came up in his research. With this and other healthy oils, they made their own soap. The eczema disappeared and Bend Soap Company was born!