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(Newswire.net — January 26, 2016) Woodbridge, Virginia — Salon Plaza’s Success Blog now gathers together in one spot for salon owners and beauty professionals the most visited and loved blog posts in 2015. Featuring “How to” posts on social media marketing, starting up and staying open, and attracting and keeping your clients coming back to you month after month. According to our visitors, these 15 posts are the GOLD of 2015. 

At Salon Plaza, we are committed to providing what truly makes a difference to the wealth, health and happiness of our Members and Visitors to our Salon Owner Success Blog. And when a new year begins, it’s wise to glance over the past 12 months and see what made a difference for our Members and Visitors. 

Reviewing our top posts opened our eyes to some big insights that we will carry into the New Year. And now you too can polish up your tool box and make 2016 a year that’s more fun, profitable and easier than ever!

Attention Salon Owners: The Verdict’s OUT

We’ve looked at the results. Based on the number of views and responses to the articles, here are our 15 most valued post in 2015. They will give you the Success Ideas and the Action Steps to make this year your best ever. 

Come see what we discovered and why:

Social Media for Salons

Social Media was by far the most popular topic. Here are our top 5 articles on email marketing, Google+ and the key question: Which is better… Instagram or Pinterest?

1. Salon Owner’s KEY To Unlock Facebook, Twitter & More To Fill Your Book  

This is the REAL secret to getting clients on social media without wasting your money and time. Hint: Even though it’s the hottest new trend, it’s just another way to advertise… you got to start with your Core Power!

2. Salon Email Marketing: Create Emails in 11 Min or Less For A FULL BOOK 

Keeping in touch with Emails is one of the best practices our Members use to stay in touch, build your value, and keep your clients on track. This post shows beauty professionals how to do it without spending HOURS every day.

3. Salon Professionals: 5 Secrets For Using Google+ to Fill Your Book 

Google loves Google+ and so should you. It’s a great way to improve your searchability on Google, which is the name of the game for attracting new customers from the Web to your chair.

4. Instagram vs Pinterest for Salon Professionals: Which is best? 

Staying in touch with current clients and being easy to refer can be made easier and more fun on popular photo sites. The key thing for beauty professionals to do is to take those fabulous photos and showcase them on at least ONE of these platforms. With so little time to spare, how do you choose?

5.  Social Media for Salons: Why Should EVERY Stylist Post On Pinterest?

OK, so Salon Plaza got a little opininated here. The best answer depends on whether your goal is to stay in touch with current clients or grow your book. Click to find out WHY…

Salon Start Up Success

The next group of popular posts has to do with OPENING your salon and RUNNING it the most profitable, easy and FUN way. Because if you live your life like that, you’ll always look forward to getting out of bed in the morning.

Here are our most popular posts on getting started and staying open:

6. 10 Best Ways To Advertise & Hire Hairstylists|Salon Atmosphere Matters 

Whether you own a salon with many booths or you go solo, you really must consider how you establish and protect the atmosphere in your shop. This post will give you 10 ways to get it right.

7. How To Open A Salon: 10 Hidden Rules For Success 

We interviewed our most successful Members to find out what REALLY keeps them staying prosperous and happy. How many of these 10 rules do you already follow? And how many surprise you? 

8. How To Open A Salon: 7 Steps For A FAST START To Success 

Do you rent a booth now? Are you on commission? If you’re tired of building someone else’s dream and are ready to open your own shop, these 7 steps will show you the way to do it right – without stumbling down the wrong path.

9. 5 Keys To Run A Salon Business & Be A Mom: Make Your Dream Come True! 

Can you do it all? It’s true – opening your own salon can give you a lot more freedom and control over your life. It really comes down to knowing how to plan your day, keep your boundaries, and stay focused. And the answer is… find out by visiting our salon owner success blog.

10. Best Plan for Beauty Professionals: Gratitude & Trust Go Hand-in-Hand 

This post is popular because it touches on some important mindset challenges. Just like in sports and other PASSIONS… the way you think and feel each day sets the foundation for staying on the right side of prosperity.

Attracting and Keeping Loyal Clients

The next most popular topic is how to attract new clients and keep your current clients coming back month after month. This is where the rubber meets the road… because if you don’t have enough clients, there’s just too much month at the end of the money. 

Don’t let that happen to you!

11. Master the Consultation with These 5 Power Steps

One of the most important things you can do to keep clients coming back to you is to master the client consultation. Most salon professionals do a consultation of sorts… but can you improve it? You can think of this as a checklist – you may know these 5 power steps… but are you doing them now? Consistently, every time?

One of these might really surprise you.

12. Who Else Is Looking For What Only YOU Can Provide? 

There’s SO MUCH competition out there. With Groupon and every hairstylist on the planet on Facebook, what makes you stand out?

Why would someone choose YOU over anyone else down the road? And even more important, do you have what it takes to keep them coming back?

Of course, your training and experience matter… but that’s NOT the only skill you must possess… 

13. Join Our Income Prosperity Club & Reach 6-Figures 

With the cost of living being what it is – food, gas, cloths, your phone… not to mention a roof over your head… breaking through to $100,000.00 and more makes a BIG difference in your daily life and your ability to save for the future. (There WILL come a time when you won’t want to stand on your feet all day, you know.)

Our Members PROVE it can be done, if you get this one single piece in place…

14. Salon Booth Renters: Your #1 Top Skill… It’s Not What You Think! 

To go from booth renter to salon owner takes professionalism, personality, and perseverance. PLUS… this one quality that might surprise you. And if you develop this ability, it will make all the difference between just getting by truly being seen as the expert, go-to-person in your area. 

15. Salon Plaza Sterling Hair Designer Kathy Rowling – Color Genie & More!

Our Members are our best spokes people – they’re in the trenches, seeing what works and what is best left behind. Discover Kathy Rowling’s “Secret Sauce” to keeping customers for life – and loving it…

Can you relate?

“I am in total command of my days, my time and what I do with my clients” 

These are only 15 of our most popular posts in 2015. Why wait until the end of this year to get in the know? To sign up and be messaged so you never miss out, visit our Salon Owner Success Blog. To discover how to open a studio salon, inquire online now or call us at 1-800-877-3689. Live the dream… profitably!

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