Degree 33 Welcomes New Year With Free Surfboard Guide

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( — January 29, 2016) San Diego, CA — Longboards brand Degree 33 ushers in the New Year with a host of new surfboard selections and a helpful surfboard selection guide. Available from the company’s official website, the guide covers in thorough detail everything that a beginning surfer might want to know about shopping for a first board. The guide is available for free simply by entering in an email address at the company’s website.

The guide is packed full of helpful tips and information, many of which could be of value even to seasoned surfers. The contents of the book are culled from the real-life experiences of lifelong surfers, many of whom are legends in their own rights. Here they reveal the three most crucial factors in surfboard selection, which all play a significant role in helping beginning surfers learn how to catch more waves, stay on the board for much longer periods, and speed up the learning curve by as much as six months.

Degree 33 is one of the world’s authorities in surfboards and surfing culture, with a colorful history that dates back to 2006. Back then, the company managed to attract a devoted following early on, much of it around the University City area where the Degree 33 team first began producing surfboards out of a one-bedroom apartment. From these modest beginnings, the brand expanded its fan base considerably, eventually becoming one of the most respected names in the surfing world.

To this day, Degree 33 remains committed to the very same principles that inspired the brand’s creation nearly a decade ago. With a spirit of genuine care and love for the global community in which they are a part, the brand is just as focused on producing the finest longboards on the market today as it was back when they first started out. With the availability of the surfboard selection guide, Degree 33 re-emphasizes its dedication and commitment to the uplifting of the global surfing industry.

Degree 33 maintains a stock of over 400 surfboards and longboards at all times. All fiberglass boards are manufactured locally right in San Diego, with epoxy boards manufactured overseas. This enables Degree 33 to maintain the balance between quality, performance, and affordability, all qualities that the brand has become known for throughout the years. 

About Degree 33

Degree 33 is a specialist surf and lifestyle brand based in San Diego. Established in 2006, the company quickly attracted a strong customer base around the University City area where they first set up shop. Much of the company’s acclaim is built on its wide selection of boards, 400 of which are in stock at all times. Even with a clientele that spans the globe, the company remains committed to fostering surf culture and contributing to the industry in any way possible.

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