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( — January 30, 2016) Philadelphia, PA — When police officers and a medic entered the East Frankford house of 89-year-old Plane Paciunas, they found her in her living room covered in a quilt and trash bags. They assumed she was dead. The elderly woman had open wounds infested with maggots. She looked like a “mummy” according to one person at the scene. Sadly, Paciunas died shortly after authorities rescued her from her own home, an innocent victim of the live-in caregiver responsible for her safety. At first charged with elder abuse, the caregiver was later charged with murder in the 2014 Philadelphia-area case. While Paciunas’s was an extreme case, elder abuse, and nursing home abuse happens all too frequently. Finding qualified, dedicated attorneys to protect the rights of our most vulnerable members of society—aging loved ones—means gathering a team of legal advisers to safeguard the well-being and financial security of the elderly.

Nursing Home Abuse in Philadelphia

While Philadelphia-area nursing homes generally do remarkably well in caring for their elderly residents, no city or state is immune from cases of elder abuse or malpractice in and out of nursing homes. The recent decision by a Pennsylvania appellate court, in Peake v. Commonwealth, to find the Older Adults Protective Services Act unconstitutional means nursing homes and other providers of protective services for the elderly can hire employees with criminal histories. 

Loved ones worried about the safety, financial well-being and security of their elderly relatives in nursing homes often turn to Ginsburg & Associates for experienced legal advice with nursing home abuse and malpractice in Philadelphia. With this recent court decision, our elderly nursing home residents may be even more vulnerable to abuse and neglect by employees previously tried and convicted of heinous crimes, including indecent exposure, witness intimidation, unlawful restraint and sexual assault. 


Signs of nursing home abuse in Philadelphia include severe bed sores, weight loss, severe dehydration, changes in behavior, unexplained bruises, fractures, need for urgent medical care and more. Ginsburg & Associates’ attorneys experienced in nursing home abuse and malpractice in Philadelphia can help spot the trouble signs, investigate your concerns, and ensure quick remedies for the elderly relative whose safety is your main concern. From emotional abuse to sexual and financial abuse, our nursing home abuse attorneys can help fight all forms of nursing home abuse in Philadelphia and recover costs of care, lost wages, and medical expenses.  

Contact Ginsburg & Associates today to learn how our nursing home abuse attorney can work to help you, and your elder loved one, recover from elderly abuse. 

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