2,300 Journalists From Around the World Killed in the Last 25 Years

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(Newswire.net — February 2, 2016) — The latest report, the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has warned that the killers of the journalists still remain unpunished.

In 1990, the years total of journalists killed was 40. However, according to the Associated Press Agency, since 2010, that number has never been lower than 100.

Since 2010, more than a hundred journalists are fatally hurt each year while carrying out their jobs, reports the AP, who has been granted access to the 79 page IFJ report.

The last 10 years were the most dangerous, informed Anthony Bellanger, the AP General Secretary of the International Federation of Journalists, also pointing out that 2006 was the worst with 155 journalists killed while doing their job.

First on the list of the most dangerous countries in the last 25 years is Iraq, where 309 journalists have been killed. Second and third most dangerous countries on the list are the Philippines and Mexico, specifies the AP agency.

According to the IFJ report, last year 112 journalists were killed around the world, with twelve of them having been killed during an extremist attack on employees in the office of Charlie Hebdo, the satirical magazine in Paris.

Journalist are easy targets according to the latest report, especially as the killers are still unpunished. Only ten percent of the homicides are investigated.

Secretary of the International Federation of Journalists Anthony Bellanger has said that this is a diplomatic issue. He has appealed to all the countries of the world and their officials to urgently help stop the killing of journalists and to bring their killers to justice.

Anthony Bellanger explained that with this report, the IFJ wants to point out that it is time to do something concrete to protect the journalists.

Also disturbing, is a rising trend of kidnapping journalists and killing them, warns Bellanger. The kidnappers very often kill them without even seeking a ransom.

The information in the new IFJ report on killed journalists was gathered and based from a number of different sources, including associates of the International Federation of Journalists from about 140 countries, police sources and political statements.