Sturdy Stroller Clips Sprint Past 200 Evaluations on Amazon Store

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( — February 4, 2016) Las Vegas, LAS VEGAS — Particularly created with the hectic mom and dad in mind, the Freddie and Sebbie High-end Velcro Stroller Hooks have actually been described by Amazon-verified consumers as ‘well-crafted’, ‘roomy’ ‘completely outstanding’ and ‘absolutely life-saving’.

Made from the highest quality materials on the marketplace, with an adaptable, universal fit and Carabiner-style design, Freddie and Sebbie’s newest stroller clips are specifically designed to lighten the load of any busy parent. Business representative Neil Speight, who was speaking on behalf of Freddie and Sebbie, stated: “Our universal stroller clips have actually accomplished an amazing average rating from clients online, but for very good reasons. They don’t just consolidate multiple heavy shopping bags, baby accessories and handbag into a single workable load, but also give busy moms an added sense of security. As parents, we understand that we get stressed out, and some days we’d leave our head behind if it wasn’t connected to our body. With these multi-functional stroller clips, Freddie and Sebbie hopes to (quite literally) lighten your load, while just trying to put a little Zen back into your parenting life again!”

For the past three years, Nevada-based online brand Freddie and Sebbie has accomplished over 1,000 customer evaluations, attaining a 4+ star average rating over their whole item range. Likewise, whilst brand-new to the marketplace, Freddie and Sebbie’s stroller clips have already achieved an astonishing 200 consumer evaluations, with over 88% of consumers granting this product a 4+ star review.

E.B stated of the item in a 5 star evaluation: “We have a huge baby stroller with lots of pockets in addition to storage compartments. There is likewise a storage bin right underneath the seat of the stroller. However, you still need to bend and reach in just to put your infant’s diapers and things in, and sometimes, the whole process can be too strenuous – I even had some instances of lower back pain. The product is so tough that I can even hang a few of my grocery bags on it. This item is just remarkable, and I would highly recommend it to any mom and dad!”

Freddie and Sebbie’s stroller clips are readily available to purchase from Freddie and Sebbie’s Amazon shop, where more stroller clips evaluations can be checked out, whilst their whole range is readily available to view on their website, on


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