Denver Custom Jeweler Grown To the Second Generation

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( — February 10, 2016) CO — Raz Gnat, credits much of Gnat Jewelers success to his father, Itzhak Gnat. Itzhak has always had an eye for artistic elements. He actually even attended art school, which is why he’s probably one of Denver’s top sought after custom jewelers. But it’s their combined efforts that have made them great.

Itzhak came from a jewelry manufacturing business back in Israel. Coming to America and settling in Denver, he had a small basement workshop. For the public? No (well, not at that time at least). You see, Mr. Gnat did a large amount of custom jewelry work in Denver. He was creating engagement and wedding rings along with other designer pieces for many of the other jewelry stores in town. So Gnat Jewelers were the “go-to” craftsmen for other jewelers when it came to having custom work done. If you had a piece of exclusive jewelry made for you in Denver in the 80’s, it’s possible the work was done by Itzhak Gnat.

Extreme craftsmanship like this doesn’t stay quiet for long. Customers began finding out about them when the word got out to the public, and so was born their first store in Cherry Creek back in 1985, which was an immediate success. It has been a mainstay since then.

Itzhak Gnat, who went from graphic designer, to art school, to sculptor and then jeweler grew to what it is today with the involvement of his son, Raz. Under his expert service (and custom jewelry knowledge as well) the retail side of the business grew. With his guidance they’ve been on Denver’s A-list for “Denver’s Best Designer Jeweler” for years running, have 0 complaints with the BBB. To support the community who have supported them for so long, Gnat Jewelers are an official host to many charity events at the Four Seasons hotel and other locations.

Being Denver’s top custom jeweler leads to a single, most commonly-asked, question:

“What if I don’t like it?”

As you can imagine with high-end pieces that are fully custom, that would be my first question as well. To answer this, Raz simply said “We made it, we stand behind it.” Which quite literally means “We guarantee you’ll be in love, or we’ll make you a new one.” So not only are you fully involved in the creative process, approving each step along the way. But if it’s not what you were expecting and you’re unhappy, they will do it over again because they are completely and totally focused on 100% customer satisfaction.

This level of client satisfaction leads to a severely loyal customer base. So much so that they now have 2nd (& 3rd) generation customers. And that’s where Gnat is growing too. Raz has 2 daughters who he hopes become part of the business and take it to the next level. So not only if you stop in will you find one, if not two of the owners, but possibly even the kids, making it a full family business. They even have a new surprise in store, but I’ll save that until the next piece. Until then stop by and tell Raz & Itzhak hello from me.

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