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( — February 10, 2016) –If your private company is looking to go public, you should understand that a reverse merger could save your company a lot of money, time and stress. And when it comes to revere mergers, it is hard to match the quality of helping your company go public that Charms Investment provides. Charms Investment offers a multitude of investment banking services that fit any of your investments.

They specialize in advisory services, business development, management services, accounting, EDGAR services and legal needs. When your private company decides to take the big step and go public, Charms Investments will streamline the process while helping your company gain the market share it needs.

When taking your company public, a traditional IPO may not be the best option. Being experts in reverse mergers, everyone at Charms Investment can give you the biggest advantages associated with a reverse merger over a typical IPO. They can help lower the costs and expedite the process of going public while simultaneously lessening dilution of your company’s stock. Most importantly, they have built a team of reverse merger experts to make the process even easier for your company. 

Their Advisory Services Division gives your private company the tools it needs to thrive in the U.S. capital markets. The advisory division is made up of high quality personnel who have a deep understanding of how business operations act in public markets. The advisory team offers useful insights which can help your company overcome obstacles and eliminate potential costs. If your company is seeking access to new capital markets, their team can help. The team has over a decade of experience, which can provide the critical information needed for your company to succeed. The advisory division provides access to European, Chinese and North American capital markets. 

After your company goes public, Charms Investment can continue to assist your company as it grows. Their Management Services Division will help your company develop after your company goes public. Because of our direct contact with between Europe, China and North America, Charms Investment can make reaching the world’s biggest markets easier than you would imagine. The team is always coming up with creative new ways to build the market share, along with proven techniques like vertical market integration. As your company grows and develops internally after going public, Charms Investment will help you gain the market shares you need in the European, Chinese and U.S. economies.

The reverse merger process at Charms Investment is simple yet effective. It begins with a consultation that is followed by an evaluation. Afterward, financial options are reviewed and a business prospectus is created. Next, we assemble a team to tackle the business plan, and then come the results. This is a proven method, and if you private company is looking to go public, these steps we offer could have an incredible positive effect on your company.