Scores of US Parents Shocked by Size of Freddie and Sebbie’s Toy Hammock

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( — February 10, 2016) Las Vegas, Nevada — Nevada-based brand Freddie and Sebbie, a business run by two young dads, don’t do things by halves according to testimonials about their newest product release. While lots of item reviews across the popular online shopping platform expose consumer displeasure at inferior quality products worth half of their value, Freddie and Sebbie’s customers appear to reveal a different side to the story.

Speaking on behalf of the brand, business representative Neil Speight mentioned: “It makes us laugh here at Freddie and Sebbie that so many brands out there try so hard to rip their clients off. They will use big, shiny words to describe their items on sites such as the Amazon Marketplace, however their customer testimonials rip holes right through their creative marketing techniques. Here at Freddie and Sebbie, we like to surprise our consumers… But in a different way! Rather than lying about our items, we really describe them as they are, and sell them at a price that not only shows the quality of the item, but likewise doesn’t bust the bank! The result? Pleased consumers, wonderful reviews, and a happy company too.”

The Toy Hammock Net by Freddie and Sebbie is an example of this, with 94 percent of customers rating the product with over 4 stars in reviews. While being designed to help get storage space from thin air, Freddie and Sebbie’s bedroom net has been made from the greatest quality products on the marketplace, and according to the Amazon description, can also hold up against weights of up to 20lbs.

While the net has been referred to as ‘Definitely jumbo’, ‘Better than wished for’ and ‘Perfect for a tiny home’, the item has been awarded a practically perfect 4.6 star typical consumer rating. Whilst one five star review from one US Mom simply states, “This is absolutely a jumbo net! Numerous reviewers have complained about other so-called jumbo nets that were not big enough for them… Well, they need to try this one!”, top 500 Amazon Reviewer A.J states: “This is the greatest idea of producing more storage space! I love the idea of this hammock!”

A more extensive product description, as well as images and consumer reviews can be discovered on the Amazon storefront by Freddie and Sebbie, or on their website at




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