Bomber Eyewear Adopted by Israeli Kitesurfers

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( — February 19, 2016) Costa Mesa, California — Bomber Eyewear recently announced that the kitesurfing community along the shorelines of Israel have adopted the brand’s advanced performance sunglasses. In fact, the brand’s floating sunglasses are so popular there that Israeli kitesurfing equipment shop KiteLab is now a retailing partner with the company. Kitesurfers at Netanya, Kinneret, Beit Yanai, and Geula Beach have found the eyewear to be comfortable enough for all-day use, and their enthusiasm has given the sunglasses and apparel company further global reach. “We are tremendously excited to find our eyewear in use around the world,” says Jamerien Bonacci, media relations director for the company. “Our partnership with KiteLab will help other watersports enthusiasts get their hands on our sunglasses and other products.  To see the brand’s sunglasses in action on the beaches of Israel, visit

Those sunglasses are known among outdoorspeople as quality eyewear that blends durability, style, and performance into one sleek package. Every pair of sunglasses and safety glasses the brand produces features their patented soft-fit foam lining, offering unrivaled comfort and eliminating slippage even under high-intensity sports use. An added benefit of the foam is that every pair of glasses will float if dropped into the water. The idea for comfortable, non-slip sunglasses sprang from the mind of the company’s founder, Tommy “The Bomber” Bonacci back in 1997. A professional Jet Ski racer and a construction worker in the off-season, Tommy grew frustrated with his safety glasses slipping and pinching his temples. He added foam to the glasses for himself and for friends, and word soon got out that the glasses were great for watersports like surfing and fishing. Now, nearly 20 years later, Bomber Eyewear produces dozens of sunglass styles in a rainbow of colors and lens treatments. They still make safety glasses, too, incorporating ANSI Z87+ safety standards and a range of styles to choose from.

Bomber’s affordable sports eyewear doesn’t stop at the foam linings. The lenses feature scratch-resistant hard coatings and many come in polarized versions to cut the glare and reflection on the water. The brand also offers clothing and watersports-friendly accessories, giving customers many choices. “Kitesurfers here and abroad love our sunglasses,” adds Jamerien. “We’ve become a major player in the sports eyewear industry because of our commitment to affordability, style, and comfort.” To learn more about the brand and its many eyewear choices, visit

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Established by World Champion Jet Ski racer Tommy “The Bomber” Bonacci in 1997, Bomber Eyewear is a family-owned business that brings advanced technology and serious style to sports eyewear. Their eyewear is comfortable, durable, and able to float, giving watersports enthusiasts, fishermen, beachgoers, and athletes quality eyewear they can count on. The company produces a wide array of eyewear styles and colors for work and for play, all equipped with patented snug-fit floating technology and hard lens coatings to protect from scratches.

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