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( — February 23, 2016) Fullerton, California — Developing video content for corporate uses is a specialty of Coldea Productions, a Southern California video production company.  These videos can offer several benefits to business clients, both inside and outside the office. Managing Director Gabriela Coldea recently spoke about the value of training videos for corporate use.  “Companies have several ways in which to use training videos,” she says. “Videos can be used internally for employee training, while they have an external benefit in educating the public about a company’s products or services.”  To learn more about the production company and their training video services, visit

Many corporations are moving toward video content as a cost-effective training tool.  By having training programs in a video format, new employees can be brought up to speed quickly without having to arrange for a speaker or training session. This saves time and money for companies large or small and helps to provide valuable training with uniformity.  Video training programs can be tailored for any number of uses, from new policies to updated systems, introduction to new products or services, or benefits programs.  Companies can also receive benefits from using video content externally. “Showcasing products or company services has never been easier,” says Gabriela.  “Web-based video sharing platforms can reach a global audience instantly, exposing your company’s work to potentially millions of people.”

Coldea Productions has been in the business of crafting commercial photography and video production services throughout Southern California.  Over the years, they have developed contacts with television and advertising partners throughout the region and can leverage those contacts for their clients.  This brings an increased level of exposure for video projects, helping to boost brand awareness.  The company specializes in providing cost-effective solutions to their corporate customers.  By using localized services such as those offered by Coldea, clients have the benefit of being able to work closely with the video production team. Training videos and other video or photography projects are completed within deadlines and according to budget.  To learn more about the range of services the California-based company offers, visit

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Specializing in producing video content and commercial photography projects, Coldea Productions is an expert creative services company based in Southern California. The company uses the latest technology to produce original video content for television, advertising, and corporate markets, including promotional and instructional works. Cost-efficient production and a full range of video services like pre-production counseling, post-production editing, and market placement are some of the hallmarks of this respected creative firm.

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