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(Newswire.net — February 17, 2016) Las Vegas, Nevada — Caring mom Lynn has said in her 5-star review: “The 4 bento lunch boxes by Freddie and Sebbie are ideal for packing my kids meals. The cap is an inch deep so huge sandwiches will not get squashed. The partitions do not extend to the top of the lunch box but measurements in the product description are very accurate.” Another comment from another US mom cited that multiple colors were perfect for households with several school children as each child could be designated a specific color. She adds: “This helps reduce the possibility of the kids getting puzzled. Additionally, since using the Freddie and Sebbie bentos, we have not experienced any leaks or spills, so I’ll be happy to recommend this item to all my friends.”

On the other hand, a confirmed customer by the name of Christine revealed: “I love the Freddie and Sebbie lunch pack. I bought this merchandise particularly for my 85-year old mom who lives without any companion. Should I be cooking a chicken barbecue or some tasty crabs, I pack her food in the bento unit with three partitions. The areas are nice and roomy, with the exact dimensions being 6″ x 8″ long and 2.5 inches deep.” In another testimonial, S.W describes Freddie and Sebbie’s lunch box as “excellent box with snap-on tops”. She goes on to describe her purchase as a set of 4 bento boxes, with matching up tops in blue, green, red, and purple. My spouse likes to bring leftovers home for dinner following a nice gourmet meal out at lunchtime, and they certainly fit the bill.”

According to company business spokesman, Neil Speight, who was speaking at a recent press meeting, the bento boxes could fit inside lunch bags of various sizes and were developed to keep food fresher and healthier for a longer time period. He likewise explained how the material was both resilient and non-toxic. He included: “The box is regarded as microwave-safe, and devoid of lead as well as Bisphenol A or BPA which is an artificial chemical that may be damaging to humans. Even kids can open and close the bento box with no danger of spilling the food inside!”

Buyers are unanimous in saying that the quality is genuinely exceptional with the boxes being sealed on both ends together with the easy-to-push tabs. They have also taken note of the quality design and fabrication, and how they can merely put the bento boxes inside the dish washer. Interested consumers can read these bento box evaluations on Freddie and Sebbie’s Amazon store, with further product details seen on their website, freddieandsebbie.com.can read these bento box evaluations on Freddie and Sebbie’s Amazon store, with further product details seen on their website, freddieandsebbie.com.




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