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( — February 17, 2016) Miami, Florida — When a group of opinionated sports journalists gets together, there are bound to be a few different opinions on who the best athlete on the planet is, no matter what sport you happen to be talking about. That is precisely the point behind Best Player on the Planet. The journalists go out of their way to provide as in-depth of coverage on their opinions as possible, and ask that their audience takes part in determining who is wrong or who is right.

January of 2016 brought about the launch of Best Player on Planet and its blog, allowing people from around the world to read some of the top opinions about athletes and give their feedback on points they feel are also important. The writers have tried to bring all of the fans the information about each athlete as objectively as possible, allowing fans to compare the stats of each player and decide for themselves. From there, Best Player on the Planet is asking fans to weigh in on what they think, and share their thoughts with their friends!

There are numerous ways to share opinions about the athletes being compared on Best Player on the Planet. There is a Facebook account, an Instagram account, a YouTube channel, and a Twitter account for people to express their opinions directly to the sporting world. Plus, once fans have liked, shared, and commented on each blog post as to which athlete each fan prefers, and why, there is a monthly contest where winners are chosen at random to receive some of the items sold in the shop. This could include mugs, t-shirts, stickers, phone cases, and more, of the fan’s favorite athlete that month. Each contest is monthly, but new winners are picked each week during that month, so there are multiple chances to win free merchandise.

This month’s contest is featuring LeBron James and Stephen Curry, and is asking fans to share their opinions of which player is going to be the one that leaves the most lasting impression when it comes to the history of the NBA. The battle is already heating up on most of the site’s social media. Last month’s contest pit Cam Newton against Tom Brady, and asked fans to determine which quarterback was going to persevere as the best quarterback of all time. Fans never did quite come to any type of consensus as to which quarterback had more potential for history books, but it did prove to be a very powerful discussion throughout the social media accounts for Best Player on the Planet. 

About Best Player on Planet launched in early 2016, and is the brainchild of a group of sports journalists. The goal is to present sports stats and information to the masses, and get feedback on what fans believe the future is going to hold in terms of all types of professional sports.

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