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( — February 19, 2016) Seattle, WA — A new website designed to help homeowners design and build a new outdoor deck or patio is online starting today.

The Patio Resource website provides some tips and advice for locating the right people to help you plan and construct your deck or patio.

The website’s publisher, Ian Phi, said this new site is intended for the homeowner who wants to build a new outdoor living area, but also doesn’t want to do all the work themselves.

“This website is for the average homeowner who would really like a new patio or deck but doesn’t feel comfortable with taking on such a big building project,” stated Phi, “Most homeowners don’t have the knowledge and experience to tackle a big project like this.”

“There are some do-it-yourselfers who can plan and build their own outdoor space,” continued Phi, “But most people can’t do it themselves, because, in most situations, there are lots of aspects to consider, from securing any necessary building permits and adhering to any local building codes to ordering the right materials and actually getting the construction done right.”

“A professional deck designer has a lot of experience. They know where the typical problem areas are and how to avoid them,” he said, “They’re able to visualize the end result and come up with a plan on how to achieve a positive result with the budget the homeowner sets.”

Interest in Outdoor Living Spaces is Growing

Phi stated that most homeowners have some interest in having some type of outdoor seating or entertaining area around their house. Professional realtors also acknowledge that many home buyers are interested in homes with an inviting outdoor area suitable for relaxing or entertaining.

“Most homeowners want to have some planned outdoor space,” Phi said, “It could be something simple, perhaps just a small area to put an outdoor table and a grill. Other people want to go all out and have a fire pit area, lots of custom-built seating, extensive landscaping and maybe even an outdoor kitchen.”

“Speaking with an experienced designer is a really good decision,” concluded Phi, “They can give you their advice and let you know what other homeowners have done and what others wish they had or hadn’t done. For example, outdoor kitchens were really popular a few years ago, but quite a few homeowners discovered that they really didn’t use them that often, plus, they added an additional area the homeowner has to maintain and keep clean. And if they aren’t maintained well, they can invite insects, birds and other bigger pests. A good designer can bring these types of points up during the planning process, so the homeowner can make the best choices possible.”

Phi mentioned that their site is still small, but they are working on adding more content and more company references and details. For details, you can visit

About Patio Resource is a new online tool designed to put homeowners interested in building a new patio or deck in contact with professional outdoor designers and builders.

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