Caleb Laieski Urges Oklahoma Reps To Reconsider Bill

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( — February 22, 2016) Huntington Beach , California — Caleb Laieski recently wrote a letter to Oklahoma representatives urging them to reconsider a bill related to child adoption for same-sex couples. The letter was sent via email to the speaker of the house and the members of the Oklahoma House of Representatives. The House Committee had recently voted the billinto passage after lengthy deliberation.

Known as HB 2428, the bill was introduced by Representative Sally Kern. It essentially states that child welfare organizations that refuse adoption to same-sex couples are protected from legal action by the State of Oklahoma. The bill applies to organizations that refuse adoption on the basis of religious belief or moral conviction.

Laieski is a national civil rights activist who is a longtime advocate of LGBT rights. In the email, Laieski emphasized the need for families who are willing and qualified to adopt children, saying “We have too many kids in the foster care program and they deserve to be cared for by any caring family that wants to help these kids.” The letter was sent to House Speaker Hickman and all 101 members of the House of Representatives.

Laieski also urged the House members not to deprive children of “the opportunity to be raised by a family that is qualified” on the basis of their personal beliefs, and said that “the most important thing is that these kids are cared for by qualified and loving parents.” A copy of the email can be viewed at

Caleb Michael Laieski has extensive history as an environment and civil rights activist. He has also worked actively in support of LGBT rights campaigns. His advocacies in support of these causes are rooted in Laieski’s own personal experience, having been the subject of considerable bullying until the age of 16, when he dropped out of high school. Nevertheless, he overcame these early personal obstacles and obtained his GED. Soon afterwards, Laieski became a national advocate for anti-bullying campaigns, LGBT rights movement, and suicide prevention efforts.

Laieski’s work as an LGBT rights advocate resulted in being invited to Washington, DC at the age of 16, where he met with more than 200 Congressional staffand members. Laieski also met with Vice President Biden and President Obama, who thanked him for his service to the LGBT community. His work was also cited in several speeches addressed to the nation by US Department of Health & Human Services, Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

After being appointed Youth and Diversity Liaison of Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton’s Staff, Laieski worked as a 911 Dispatcher for Arlington County in Virginia. It was then that he filed suit against the United States Food and Drug Administration because of their lifetime ban on LGBT individuals from donating blood. See more of his work here. 

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Caleb Michael Laieski is an environment and civil rights activist, as well as a lifelong advocate of LGBT rights. His work has led him to Washington, where he met with President Obama, VP Biden, and Congressional staff and members.

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