10 Celebrities Who Have Lost Hair and Gained Some of It Back

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(Newswire.net — February 24, 2016) — Donald Trump’s infamous comb-over is getting a lot of attention these days.

This sparked a lot of interest in the subject of hair loss, and prompted a look at other examples and how the celebrities who were losing their tresses got it back. Here are a few famous folks who have more hair now than they once did for a time.

1. David Beckham

Infamous for his ever-changing hairstyles, the renowned soccer player had a severe thinning issue just a few years back, but you can see a full head of hair now.

2. Victoria Beckham

Model and wife to David, Victoria had a major hair-loss issue during her four pregnancies. She did a great job of hiding it with her stylish dos, but it was reported that she took various non-surgical supplements to regain her lost tresses.

3. Fergie

Another example that hair loss isn’t only a male thing, Fergie suffers from thinning hair. However, she’s one of the few who hasn’t tried to cover it up.

4. Gordon Ramsay

The Hell’s Kitchen star who now has great hair actually needed a hair transplant to combat baldness. His hairstyle hasn’t changed much from before the transplant, but that’s because he saw the signs and got treatment before his hair was gone. His new follicles should last awhile.

5. John Travolta

If you look at pictures of Travolta 20 years ago versus now, you’ll see a significant shift in his receding hairline. You’ll also notice a big difference between his hair at the beginning of 2015 and the end. It’s been rumored that he received a transplant to fight baldness, but he’s still sporting the famous weave that makes his hairstyle iconic.

6. Jude Law

The transformation for this movie star can be seen in photographs taken in 2013 compared to those from 2014. He obviously had treatment for his drastically receding hairline sometime in between.

7. Matthew McConaughey

Who would have thought that 15 years ago, the actor named sexiest man alive in 2005 for his stylish hair and washboard abs would have suffered hair loss? His receding hairline was pretty severe in 1999, but looking at it today, you’d never know.

8. Kevin Costner

In 2006, Costner underwent a hair transplant that effectively thickened his hair and brought the hairline forward. The results are admittedly conservative, but it’s obvious when you look at photos side by side.

9. Jon Cryer 

Cryer openly admitted that his hair, which was pretty close to gone in the summer of 2013 but magically returned later that fall, is fake. He shared with Conan O’Brien: “This is the work of several talented professionals making the most of, like, four hairs. It’s amazing, actually, what they can do. I’m not wearing a piece or anything like that, but it’s a long, involved process that starts with stuff like shoe polish.”

10. Nicolas Cage

There’s no denying that Nicolas Cage has had hair treatments. His receding hairline and thinning tresses have become considerably thicker and closer to the forehead now than they were 15 years ago.