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( — February 25, 2016) Lombard, Illinois — Dr. Selma Rashid, MD, director of the Anti-Aging Medical Group in Lombard, Illinois and Stamford, Connecticut, sees many misconceptions about hormone replacement therapy in the medical community. Dr. Selma is a global authority on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), and she knows that poorly-designed studies in the past may have cast a dim light on this innovative treatment regimen. “We’ve seen many misconceptions and myths among healthcare practitioners and even in the patients who come to our clinic,” says Dr. Selma. “It is important to set the record straight on the health benefits of hormone replacement therapy.” To learn more about Dr. Selma and to view common questions about the therapy, visit

In particular, a study called the Women’s Health Initiative Study was conducted in 2002. In this study, researchers looked at the effects of synthetic hormones as they related to cardiovascular health in test subjects. The results of this study were never clearly explained to others in the medical community or to the public, creating confusion and distrust of the hormone replacement therapy regimen at large. Until this study was conducted, medical professionals’ knowledge was based on bioidentical hormones that are molecularly identical to those produced naturally in the human body. Synthetic hormones, on the other hand, differ in significant ways from naturally-occurring hormones. Concerns arose about oral ingestion of estrogen in promoting blood clots, and an increase in breast cancer rates in those taking synthetic progesterone.

Further analysis of data clarified that it is the difference in the molecular structure of the synthetic hormones that is linked to increases in breast cancer, not bioidentical hormones themselves. Dr. Selma is a published author and board-certified internist who has been studying BHRT for many years. At the Anti-Aging Medical Group clinic, she educates her patients on the benefits of bioidentical hormone treatment, “Hormone replacement therapy has been faced with controversy in the medical community due to a lack of understanding about the facts,” says Dr. Selma. “At our clinic, our patients receive highly personalized, tailored therapies to help reverse the aging process and to help them regain lost vitality and health.” To read Dr. Selma’s complete brochure on this topic, “The Controversy of Hormone Replacement”, click here.

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Board-certified in internal medicine, Dr. Selma Rashid is a global authority on hormone replacement therapy behind the Anti-Aging Medical Group, based in Lombard, Illinois and Stamford, Connecticut. As humans age, their hormone levels can change, impacting health. The Group’s approach is to naturally restore the hormone balance, using bioidentical hormones that closely mimic the human body. These are administered in a natural cyclical pattern to achieve maximum benefit. Dr. Selma’s practice provides total care for her patients, helping them lead healthier, more functional lives.

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