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( — February 25, 2016) Las Vegas, Nevada — Speaking at a recent press meeting in response to the achievement, Freddie and Sebbie’s company spokesperson Neil Speight offered appreciation to their customers for being so forthcoming with finishing the product review option that the Amazon Marketplace customers have to describe their overall product experience. He included: “The 36-piece toy is comprised of different colored numbers and letters, together with a bath mesh organizer. Lots of moms and dads have expressed in their evaluations how they use the toy as a help to develop learning proficiency for their kids.”

Among many encouraging testimonials published on the Amazon Marketplace, is one published by a grandmother who has an Autistic grandson to look after. Shes says that her six-year old grandson struggling with autism was captivated by the large, brilliant colored figures. She adds: “It helped him a lot as far as learning the figures is concerned.” One mother with a two year-old explained how her child had so much fallen in love with the educational bath letters, especially at bath time. She added: “He’ll stick them on the wall tiles when wet, and they’ll remain there even when the tiles are dry. The size is just about perfect with the pieces measuring about five inches in length.”

One granny was all praises for the Freddie and Sebbie baby toy, particularly the fact that the material is reasonably resilient, and devoid of lead and any hazardous substances. She also pointed out how her two grandsons (both young toddlers) were extremely engrossed by the wet figures, adding: “This is the only learning toy that they want to play with.” Another reviewer has actually explained how a two-year girl explained to her mother that she liked the fact the letters stuck well to the tiles and glass material of the shower unit.

Neil concluded the press conference stating the product was in fact recommended for children of age three years and above, though a lot of the testimonials on have actually disclosed that parents have tried them out on even younger babies. More info about this learning toy by Freddie and Sebbie, along with 300 confirmed baby toy testimonials can be discovered on the exclusive Amazon Marketplace store by Freddie and Sebbie, with additional information seen on



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