Alternative Oscar Made From Fan-Donated Jewellery Awaits DiCaprio in Russia

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( — March 1, 2016) — In Yakutia, a region in Siberia, Russia, fans have donated almost 1.4kg in silver jewellery for a special award for American actor, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Although the US Film Academy has a history of surprises when awarding artists, there was little space for doubt that Leonardo DiCaprio would finally get his first Academy Award this year.

Some think that the US Film Academy was under tremendous pressure to give Leonardo the award, others that DiCaprio had earned an Oscar a long time ago.

In movie The Revenant, DiCaprio eats a raw fish and crawls naked into the abdomen of a dead horse. There are those who urged the Academy to give the actor an Oscar, worrying he could seriously hurt himself in his next movie.

Fans from around the world can rest at ease as the actor has finally been awarded a golden statuette.

DiCaprio’s grandmother was Russian, and the 41-year old actor refers to himself as half Russian. The actor has spoken about his desire to star as President Vladimir Putin, or alternatively, as Rasputin or Lenin. Due to this, Dicaprio has an army of sincere fans in the Russian Federation.

The star of “The Revenant” has been invited to Russia’s Far East to receive the so-called ‘Yakutian Oscar’, Russia Today reported. The report cited Sardana Savvina, organizer of the “Oscar for Leo!” campaign, who said the idea behind this special Oscar for Leonardo came spontaneously after he was denied an Academy Award despite five nominations.

“We are so proud of Leo. We congratulate him. Send our greeting from Yakutia,” Savvina, told RT.

The Yakutian fan-club managed to collect donations totalling almost 1.4kg worth of silver and jewellery of which the Yakutian Oscar will be made from. It is likely that this Siberian replica is actually worth more than the original. The Yakutian Oscar mostly resembles its American counterpart, but has Asian features characteristic of the Yakut people, RT reported.

Although the ABC report for the 2016 Oscar Winning ceremony was watched by more Americans than ever, other reports dispute that information saying that the ratings were in fact very low, with 34.3 million viewers. The only time the ceremony has had less viewers was in 2008 when 32 million Americans watched the show, Reuters reported.