Of Course SEO Still Matters in 2016

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(Newswire.net — March 2, 2016) — In some quarters of the internet, there seems to be a group fervently claiming that SEO is no longer quite as important. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. SEO, in the real sense of the term, still matters in 2016 and will do for some time to come.

Parts of SEO died long ago, such as: optimisation for purely ranking purposes, duplication of websites on different domains, buying links, keyword stuffing etc. But were these black hats truly part of SEO?

Google is here to stay

The company has remained a behemoth, dictating how people access content on the web. Their algorithm updates (we are due a major one in March, incidentally), are eagerly anticipated by webmasters around the world, who are always ready to make changes in line with the new guidelines. Therefore, as long as Google remains the force it is today and continues to roll out changes, SEO will remain relevant, because businesses simply have to remain up to date, or die in the water.

Search is still more powerful than social media

The buzz, for the past few years, has been all about social media and the need to garner positive social signals. However, away from the hype, the number of people using search engines to find information is yet to fall.  This means that, even though businesses are implementing social media friendly strategies, they simply cannot afford to not have their website displayed in search engine results.

Search engines help consumers make purchase decisions

Several industry reports suggest that the majority of consumers rely on search engines to make purchase decisions. Chances are you head off to Google to read reviews and find general information about a product that interests you, instead of calling up the store to ask your questions.  Companies that take SEO seriously, and ensure they have verifiable positive reviews from customers, will continue to perform better than their rivals.

Organic traffic is still a cheaper method of customer acquisition

There are many methods of customer acquisition. Businesses find themselves spending money on a number of them, with mixed results. 

“With organic traffic, you are only devoting time to making your website visible in search results without massive financial investments”, says Imran at eBrandz.com. “Results are also long lasting and maybe permanent in some cases, making it a far more efficient way of getting new leads or new paying customers

“The only cost is the amount paid to the SEO staff or company which will, in most cases, be far cheaper than the cost of acquiring one customer through media or print advertisements, for example”, he concludes.

In the midst of all the recommendations from SEO experts, the above are important universal points for any and all businesses to take on board. Keep these points in mind as you work towards a more rewarding 2016.