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( — March 4, 2016) Fullerton, California — As social video platforms continue to dominate the online landscape, Coldea Productions understands that from a marketing perspective, products showcased through video promotion have a dramatic impact.  The Southern California-based video production company helps businesses create product videos that have the power of reaching a global audience. Creative director Gabriela Coldea says that companies not using videos to promote their products or services are missing out on a great opportunity. “Video content is immensely important in the marketing world,” says Gabriela. “Videos allow companies to demonstrate their product’s features and innovations in a way that can be shared instantly among millions of potential viewers.” To learn more about the production company and its work with product manufacturers, visit

Online shoppers often miss out on hands-on examination of products they may be interested in purchasing, and high-quality videos can take the place of that in-store experience. Videos can convey more detailed information about a company’s product or service than text-based or photographic content, giving viewers a rich shopping experience with which to make purchasing decisions.  Consumers are able to make informed choices based on the information they learn from product video marketing campaigns. One of the most crucial aspects of product videos, however, is their appeal to modern search engine algorithms. “Videos tend to rank higher in Google searches than other formats,” says Gabriela. “Social media sharing of those videos among consumers helps to drive sales, too.”

Based in Fullerton, California, Coldea Productions has worked with hundreds of businesses eager to bring their products to new markets. With their professional video and photographic production, the company’s high-quality work gives clients increased exposure, boosting brand awareness and customer knowledge. Coldea’s contacts in the television and advertising fields are valuable assets as well. The company works closely with clients in the Southern California region, developing powerful advertising materials that make an impact with consumers. The company has developed an outstanding reputation for completing projects in a timely manner and within the budgets companies set aside for marketing efforts. To learn more about the range of video content production services the company offers, visit their website at

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Specializing in producing video content and commercial photography projects, Coldea Productions is an expert creative services company based in Southern California. The company uses the latest technology to produce original video content for television, advertising, and corporate markets, including promotional and instructional works. Cost-efficient production and a full range of video services like pre-production counseling, post-production editing, and market placement are some of the hallmarks of this respected creative firm.

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