Children Learn How to Read by Reading to Cats

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( — March 14, 2016) Monrovia, CA — The Centre County PAWS Reading Program has created an opportunity for elementary-aged students to come to PAWS shelter and read to cats, an activity that has been proven beneficial to both parties. The Centre County PAWS shelter cats also find themselves caught up in good books and have human company, while the children have the ability to practice their reading in a non-threatening environment. The cats aren’t going to correct the children if they mispronounce words, or don’t read something correctly. This allows for both parties to benefit from their time together.

According to, the elementary school children are invited to the shelter to read to the cats from 6:30- 7:30 p.m. on the first and third Tuesdays of each month. According to Donna Clapper, a retired teacher and PAWS volunteer on the reading program committee, the program can help hesitant readers become more proficient and confident. This paves the way to the children reading Green Eggs and Ham to full blown science fiction, fantasy, and mysteries.

Learning how to read is a valuable skill, another valuable skill is learning what books you like and don’t like. Amazon Best Selling author Mark Tierno believes he has the book that will make anyone want to read.

“My book, Maldene, is an epic like no other. Volume 1 and 2 may look like an epic all to itself, but this is just the first novel in a series that spans 13! Fantasy and Science Fiction, a plot that spans millennia and several alien worlds, hundreds of characters, and the ultimate villain. This is a story that will grip you and never let go,” explains Mark Tierno, who just took his Sci-fi book Maldene to the Amazon Best Seller list.

“I chose this book because I liked the name of the title and decided to give a new author a chance to tell me his story. The scope of what I read tells of a story that can be taken a long ways and not fail to keep my interest. The antagonist having been manipulating the events around him over many millennia sets the stage for level of intrigue that has me waiting in anticipation for Volume 2 to arrive sooner,” states Sean Page, a satisfied reader of Maldene.

Reading science fiction is valuable because can transport you into a world away from your troubles. At the same time, it brings children to really love science and reading, all at once. Mark Tierno’s book,, can expand your love of science and reading and much more. “There is a subtle humor in Mark’s language that flows very easily. It is hilarious in situations like the horses being sold by a cheating merchant; they get speech and they come out with their real thoughts about the merchant! The scene with a dancer who is part- snake and part- lovely young woman, visualized well, will make a movie director’s dream come true,” exclaims M. Dore, a happy reader of Maldene.

Tierno’s books show that you don’t have to read to cats to have a great love of reading.




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