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( — March 15, 2016) Addison, Texas — Sales & Business Coach Chuck Bauer provides information, including tactics, strategies, and procedures, about sales processes, marketing techniques, and success and failure in company and department management in this full-day one-on-one on-site program geared toward C-level executives, business owners, business managers, sales managers, and salespeople.

Each attendee will receive information on a variety of sales-and-business-related topics including solving specific business/management/sales challenges, challenge recurrence prevention, efficiency techniques application, and productivity scheduling and monitoring on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Other topics include time-efficient technological procedures, social media marketing strategies, client objections responses, establishment of a referral-based marketing program, and sales closures.

Chuck will arrive the evening before, meet with the C-level executive/manager/business owner, and perform a debriefing/training of the next day’s curriculum. The following day, the C-level executive/manager/business owner will look over daily, weekly, and monthly structures and inefficiencies. Other procedures that will be reviewed include recruiting, key performance indicators, accountability programs, company-wide compensation, application of the 70% rule to efficiencies, recruiting, and individual, department-wide, and company-wide inefficiency prevention strategies. The discussion may also include competitive advantages, professional development tools, management tools, staff excellence, and focus.

The day concludes with Coach Chuck’s presentation and discussion of a report of eight-to-ten pages of comments, corrections, and immediately implementable actionable steps to the C-level executive/manager/business owner and booking company/business.

For the one-on-one program focused on sales, Chuck will also arrive the evening before, meet with the salesperson, and perform a debriefing/training of the next day’s curriculum. The following day, the salesperson business typically will make five-to-seven LIVE sales presentations, with Coach Chuck providing feedback after each call, documenting the progress, and presenting information geared to solve and prevent challenges they occur. Topics addressed will also include self-marketing, personality selling, establishing and maintaining a referral program, presentations, time efficiency and personal minimum standards, professional development, social media marketing strategies, value selling, using technology, overcoming objections, and closing.

The day concludes with Coach Chuck’s eight-to-ten page report of comments, corrections, and immediately implementable actionable steps to the salesperson and booking company/business.

This one-on-one program includes immediate access to Chuck Bauer’s 24/7 Sales Training and Business Training Cloud and Chuck Bauer’s 24/7 Help Desk. Attendees can use the cloud to store information and communicate with Chuck Bauer as well as other C-Level executives, business owners, sales managers, and salespeople who have attended his programs and/or seminars. File storage in the cloud is also available to attendees. The 24/7 Help Desk answers questions and is also available to provide help with administrative tasks, internet research, proofreading, copyediting, revision, and writing on an as-needed basis.

Chuck Bauer Sales Training & Business Consulting Company has provided up-to-date sales and business information to over fifty C-level executives, hundreds of business owners, and thousands of salespeople. Presentations include more than 2800 via the internet as well as live sessions in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Cayman Islands.  Business people and salespersons also have access to information using computers, laptops, or any mobile device to access the over eighty hours of sales and business-related content in the Online Learning Center; lessons in this program can be downloaded and kept for future replay and reference. Social media platforms are also updated daily. The 24/7 Mobile App also features immediately accessible information on business and sales strategies for those on the go. To find out more information, see the website, call 855-740-SELL, or text BAUER to 72727 or from your mobile device.




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