UK Millionaire Strikes New Goldmine With Saltori Method of Thinking

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( — March 16, 2016) Steyning, West Sussex — World-renowned self help guru Andy Shaw recently exposed that his interest for the human mind is the sole reason his self-advancement strategies are now used by hundreds and thousands of people from over 140 countries worldwide.

Surprised by the fact that only 1% of the world’s population class themselves as ‘genuinely successful’, Shaw made a pact to himself to not only reveal the reason why, however also share his findings with the whole world, in the hope that each and every single human being is offered the exact same opportunity of success as the elusive 1%.

Shaw has actually been carrying out extensive research for the previous three years, in an attempt to discover the reality behind the recipe to success. In his place, Shaw’s spokesperson Peter Halm mentioned: “Shaw was fascinated by the fact that so few individuals class themselves as really successful, even though we are all provided exactly the same information in life. Shaw’s primary quest to discover the factor for success stemmed from 2 simple concerns: Why do individuals find themselves wandering down the wrong path so regularly; and why do some individuals find it near impossible to discover positivity in daily things.”

As an outcome of his continuing research, Shaw released his findings in the form of his new self-development theory: The Saltori Thinking Approach. When adopted into an individual’s lifestyle in versatile bite-sized chunks of information, Shaw’s method promises to raise the user’s level of awareness, in order to reflect the positivity in the life around them, and overcome the mental obstacles obstructing their way, in order to become really successful.

“Whether you are in need of a bit of soul-searching, or you are just interested in how the minds of the top 1% think, Shaw’s work is incredibly insightful, easy to follow and genuinely revolutionary,” Halm continued.

More understanding into Andy Shaw’s Saltori Thinking Plan is readily available on his official site,, where a variety of personal development tools can also be found for new and returning visitors.




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