National Divorce Rates Boost Business for TCO Appraisals

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( — March 17, 2016) Carlsbad, California — Divorce rates in the United States fluctuate from year to year, but in general, about 40 percent of all marriages will end in divorce.  This rate has spurred interest in the unique property appraisal services of San Diego, California-based TCO Appraisals. Company president Todd Ortlieb has seen more clients in the past couple of years avail themselves of his service, improving his business immeasurably. “Although divorce is an unfortunate and painful event, our company is positioned to help couples find equitable settlements,” says Todd.  “Determining fair market value of real estate is critical in divorce settlements.”  To learn more about TCO and their divorce appraisal services, visit

Among college-educated couples, divorce rates have actually declined since the 1970s, while rates among working-class couples and the less-educated have remained near the peak rates experienced in the 70s and early 80s.  As economic conditions deteriorate for those in the working class, many couples choose to split up for a variety of factors.  A divorce appraisal serves as a way for divorcing couples to split profits in a fair and equitable manner during court proceedings.  TCO Appraisals specializes in this service, adhering to the ethics set by the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.  TCO Appraisals plays a critical role in the divorce process by generating a reliable, credible, and defensible valuation of real estate owned by the couple involved in a divorce. The appraisal can be used as a part of refinancing a property or in sales of real estate to satisfy court conditions.

With over 20 years in the appraisal industry, TCO Appraisals has helped thousands of clients receive accurate and timely property valuations.  In addition to appraisals conducted for divorce cases, the company also performs property valuations for estate planning purposes, tax settlements, and inheritances, among many others.  Each appraisal is handled with the utmost in confidentiality and professionalism.  The firm handles appraisal services throughout areas of Southern California, including communities like Pacific Beach, Escondido, and other areas of San Diego County. “Our appraisal service comes with many years of professional-level experience,” adds Todd.  “A fast turnaround and accurate valuations that stand up in court are some of the hallmarks of our expert services.”  To learn more about the company, visit

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Providing clients with a full range of services, TCO Appraisals has a long list of satisfied customers throughout the San Diego County area of California. From real estate buyers and sellers to seniors planning their estates, the firm’s expertise allows them to provide clients with the most accurate and reliable appraisals in the industry. To better serve customers, appraisals services can be handled in person or via telephone or online communication.

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