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(Newswire.net — March 18, 2016) New York, New York — Mobile insurance company Did You Break, has come up with an offer that no other repair center or insurance company has — $25 deductibles for any smartphones. Insurance companies and repair shops typically charge multiple fees per claim, but Did You Break covers multiple damages in a single claim, allowing customers to save money.

The company has served the New York area, especially the Bronx neighborhood, for around ten years as a warehouse repair center. Noticing the amount of money customers paid to get their phones fixed, the company decided to give back to customers by providing affordable and quick repair options as well as a reliable service.

“We want to help the environment and ensure the world is a better place to live. Passionate about keeping our electronics out of landfills, we recycle unused items or try to re-invent them to get the most use possible,” says Austin Yun, owner of Did You Break. “On a local scale, we thrive in giving back to our community by participating in local volunteer events, and donating to local schools and charities.”

Did You Break offers two claims per year and even offers free two-way shipping for any low or high-end device.

The company’s insurance covers multiple device failures and damages. These include physical damages to the phone such as breaks and cracks, and damages to the LCD, such as cracked screens and damaged digitizers. Wi-Fi failures and signal problems that might be caused by a broken antenna are also covered. Camera malfunctions and cracked camera lenses are covered as well. Other things the insurance will cover are audio problems such as microphone failures and malfunctioning speakers and audio jacks.

Power problems and charging port failures are also part of the coverage. The company will fix a device that has stopped powering or a device with a battery that will not hold at least a 50% charge. They replace charging ports as well if the device has difficulty connecting to the charging cable. All mechanical or electrical failures from use that are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty will be covered by the company.

Did You Break has a team of certified and experienced technicians that will repair broken and malfunctioning devices in just a short amount of time.

Filing a claim has been made easy by the company as well. All claims will be filed online. The customer will then ship their device to the company using a free shipping label that is provided during the claim process. The company will fix the device and ship the device back to the customer in a few days.

About Did You Break, Inc.

Did You Break is a mobile insurance company that offers low deductibles on any low or high-end smartphones. They allow two claims a year and offer free two-way shipping. Among the things they cover are physical damages, power failures, audio failures, and signal problems.

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