Man Thwarts Attacker With Beam of Light From Flashlight

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( — March 19, 2016) Richland Hills, Texas — Ryan Johnson, of Fort Worth Texas, was walking his dog at night recently, when a man brandishing a knife appeared suddenly out of some nearby bushes.  Mr. Johnson always carries a flashlight with him on these walks, and without hesitation he directed the beam of light from his flashlight directly into the eyes of his attacker temporarily blinding him.  Doing so gave Mr. Johnson the time and space that he needed to safely get away unharmed.

Science tells us that light detected by the retina of our eyes is converted into nerve impulses that travel down the optic nerve.  Some of these nerve impulses then travel from the optic nerve to the muscles that control the size of our pupils.  The more light that is detected by the retina, the greater the increase in the amount of impulses which travel down the optic nerve, thus causing our eye muscles to further restrict the pupil.

“I am aware that eighty percent of all shootings happen in low light environments”, said Mr. Johnson.  “For that reason, and for a host of other reasons, I always take my flashlight with me, whether I am walking by myself, with someone else or taking my dog for a walk at night.”

Johnson went on to say, “I also carry a flashlight in the glove box of car that is not only a flashlight, but also a work light and an emergency red flashing strobe light.  It came in very handy recently when I drove into high water at night after a heavy rainfall and my car stalled.  I was able to alert other drivers of the danger while I waited for the tow truck to arrive.  I consider having a flashlight with me a must for my personal safety when out for a walk and equally important to my personal safety when driving my vehicle.”

“If someone can’t see they cannot fight or attack”, according to Johnson, “I am glad that I had my flashlight with me that night.”

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