Increase Available Loop For Slit Coil with The Sky Loop

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( — March 23, 2016) Charleston, South Carolina — The Sky Loop is an innovative machine made in the United States that is designed to change the way coal coating and slitting facilities operate. Pioneered by the company Sky Loop, LLC, the Sky Loop machine increases available loop, which in turn increases the productivity of slit coil companies and maximizes their profits. It was designed by industry professionals with over 50 years of experience in metal processing.

There is nothing like the Sky Loop in the market as the product was officially patented in 2007. Sky Loop, LLC, the company that manufacturers them is based in Charleston, South Carolina.

The Sky Loop has two main creators. First is Jim Papania, the Principal and Co-owner of Independent Metal Sales and IMS processing from 1992 to 2012. Jim oversaw the entire slitting operation of one of the biggest metal and steel service centers and processing facilities in New Jersey. Purchasing, marketing, sales, expansion, production, and machinery implementation were among his responsibilities. The other main creator is William Riddle, an industry professional with a creative mind who continues to manage a metal processing facility on the East Coast.

Due to the innovative attributes of the Sky Loop and its ability to boost production, it is now installed and operated at coil coating and slitting facilities all across the United States. The Sky Loop is built to accommodate more than 30 feet of extra loop in the sky. This is a great option if digging a pit is impossible or if the pit is too shallow due to water table or building lease restrictions. Moreover, the Sky Loop is considerably more cost-efficient than digging a looping pit or using a strand extender.

The machine makes use of the height of production space. The accumulator only takes up a very small space between the slitter head and the tension stand or re-coiler. There is also the option to straddle an existing pit. The Sky Loop may adapt to slitting lines from 12 to 72 feet wide as well.

The Sky Loop has the ability to process bigger master coils into tighter, bigger slit coils. This is one of the ways productivity is improved, which leads to maximized revenues. The machine also allows the end coil user to spend less time loading new coals, and more time manufacturing end product.

Additionally, the Sky Loop eliminates all need for paper stuffing. It does not compromise safety or quality either, so facilities will surely produce quality slit coils. For more information, visit

About Sky Loop, LLC

Sky Loop, LLC is the producer of the innovative and patented Sky Loop. The Sky Loop increases available loop for coil coating and slitting facilities all over the United States. It is based in Charleston, South Carolina.

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