Chiropractor In Birmingham, MI Aligns Your Spine With Help of Local Rockstar

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( — April 7, 2016) Birmingham, MI — Birmingham Wellness Center is bringing new resolve to chiropractic patients with a 30 Day Reset. Founder and owner Dr. Jennifer Bonde, a Board Certified Chiropractor, is celebrating her recent partnership with BizFamous, an online company specializing in brand and marketing strategy, to enhance the center’s brand, for an extensive case study and marketing makeover.

Birmingham Wellness Center specializes in improving their patients’ overall health in an effort to reduce the risk of pain and illness through a variety of treatments and therapies performed by award-winning chiropractors Dr. Jennifer Bonde and Dr. Amber Wehrle. Since 1998 Birmingham Wellness Center has offered an alternative to pain relief via a holistic approach.

Birmingham Wellness Center’s partnership with BizFamous is the first step in its digital marketing and branding makeover. BizFamous, an Internet marketing company specializing in unique marketing and branding strategy, is known for helping business owners promote their companies across the web through various online and media channels.

The collaboration will focus on marketing strategy, branding and business consulting with the ultimate goal of creating a systemic process to grow the client base of both the chiropractic practice and the wellness center. Birmingham Wellness Center’s partnership will also form the basis of a groundbreaking case study conducted by BizFamous.

The center’s services include natural, holistic approaches through chiropractic care such as adjustments and applied kinesiology. Additional services offered include massage, acoustic compression therapy, posture analysis and yoga, among others.

Founder and renowned chiropractor Dr. Jennifer Bonde feels that BizFamous’s expertise and culture of excellence fits with his vision and ultimate goals for her practice.

To celebrate their new partnership, Dr. Jennifer Bonde is offering a 30 Day Paleo Reset to help patients adopt a healthy lifestyle and promote overall well being.

For more information, please visit Birmingham Wellness Center’s website. Dr. Bonde and her team welcome feedback from customers and visitors alike, and look forward to helping you eat well, move well and think well.

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