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( — March 25, 2016) Phoenix, Arizona — On March 12th Amazon changed their Restricted Products list to include reloading brass (ammunition casings).  US Reloading Supply shared that they received this message about the new policy; “This product has been identified as ammunition casings for a firearm. Amazon policy prohibits the listing or sale on Amazon of ammunition casings, including casings for rifle, pistol, or shotgun ammunition.”  US Reloading Supply wants to encourage consumers to shop for reloading brass on their website, 

Amazon has been actively removing all reloading brass listings from their inventory since the announcement and their Prohibited Items Policy now states that Amazon prohibits the listing or sale of ammunition casings, including casings for rifle, pistol or shotgun ammunition.  Customers will no longer be able to purchase brass listings on Amazon.  All brass listings will have been removed from their website in a few weeks.

The company is assisting customers with the removal of brass listings on Amazon by offering all past Amazon customers 10% off for their first order. To receive the offer, customers should use the coupon code Amazon2016. The discount will not only cover reloading brass but bullet orders as well.

US Reloading Supply has been supplying reloading brass since 1972. They have a wide variety of reloading brass and bullets on their website. The brands they carry include Barnes, Hornady, Howell, Rainier and Speer. They have reloading brass and bullets for .20, .30, .40 and .50 weapons. Customers can view photos of their products on their website at The company also sells reloading accessories, such as Starline Brass and MTM boxes.

US Reloading Supply offers discounted prices on items bought in bulk. The more items the customer buys, the more money they save. They offer discounts when 2, 5 or 10 packages are bought at once.  The company also offers free shipping on all orders via USPS Priority Mail. They guarantee receipt of orders by customers within only four days of payment.

Their website contains blog posts featuring some of the products they carry. The blog posts also provide more information about the product and the manufacturer. Additionally, the website has downloadable PDF files of targets. They encourage customers to print them on the other side of a used paper as to recycle it.

About US Reloading Supply

Founded in 1972, US Reloading Supply is a reliable supplier of high quality shooting supplies such as reloading brass and bullets. It is an authorized dealer for several manufacturers including Barnes, Hornady, Howell, Rainier and Speer. They offer free shipping on all orders and discount prices on bulk orders.

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