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( — March 28, 2016) Broadbeach, QLD — Matt and Amanda Clarkson, world-renowned international seminar presenters, eBay experts, and best-selling authors have recently started transitioning their successful online business opportunity over to include selling on the Amazon market place. After more than 10 years of success selling the revolutionary, eBay Magic Course about ebay business, the couple has expanded their reach into the burgeoning Amazon market. eBay remains one of the biggest marketplaces on the Internet, and the Clarkson’s fully intend to continue utilizing the platform for their businesses. With the expansion into Amazon however, the two hope to capture even a larger segment of the market, and bring their own unique brand of proven business tips, advice, and strategies to the service of customers from around the world.

Matt and Amanda Clarkson are the founders of Bidding Buzz; which has now rebranded to the exciting name of Easy Home Business, is the premier eBay education company in the world. For more than ten years now, the company has helped thousands of people from around the world start their own successful ebay based businesses, using the same methods and strategies Matt and Amanda have utilized in their own hugely successful ebay ventures. 

The beginnings of the Clarksons’ rise to success and financial reward can be traced to the innovative and seminal eBay Magic Course. The detailed guide was one of the first products that the Clarksons offered on the topic of selling products professionally on eBay, and it has proven to be an essential component to the success of countless eBay businesses ever since. The principles and strategies espoused in the guide, in fact serve as the basis for the other eBay and importing business courses that the Clarksons have published since then, and they remain relevant and updated to this day. 

These same highly effective tools and business strategies are now available to Amazon shoppers by way of two new guides that the Clarksons have published in Kindle format: 12 Steps To ebay Riches and The Magic of Making Money on eBay. These two best selling books cover in extensive detail the same methods that the Clarksons have used in building their hugely successful eBay empire. 

In 12 Steps To ebay Riches, Matt and Amanda provide detailed information on how even inexperienced computer users can generate income from eBay. The guide also helps aspiring online entrepreneurs find their niche as an eBay seller and ultimately, how to stand apart from the thousands of other seller on the site. The Magic of Making Money On ebay is similarly detailed, with advice on how to start an eBay business with little or no capital expenditure, and be able to realize profits almost immediately. 

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Matt and Amanda Clarkson are international seminar presenters, eBay experts, and best-selling authors. With a career spent developing effective business tools and strategies, the husband-and-wife team shows regular people in their native Australia and all over the world, start up and maintain a fast growing eBay business. The Clarksons recently marked their tenth year in the business.

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