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( — March 28, 2016) Seattle , WA — The Book Noodle is pleased to announce that its newest children’s book, Fox and Mouse Meet Porcupine, is now available in the Kindle store on Amazon.

Fox and Mouse Meet Porcupine features the affable title characters Fox and Mouse, who are the very best of unlikely friends. On an adventurous walk in the forest, the two pals happen upon someone new, Porcupine. Will the three become friends or will their differences keep them apart?
A perfect book for early readers ages 3 to 6, the simple story, illustrated with beautiful watercolors by Embla Ester Granqvist, focuses on friendship and, in a very subtle way, teaches that our differences are what make us wonderful and draw us together.
The author, Carla Faraldo, an ex-lawyer turned stay at home mom, enjoys writing books that educate and inspire as well as entertain little ones.
Carla has lived in several major cities in North America and Europe, including Toronto, New York, Seattle and Barcelona. She married another global cosmopolitan and their family relocates every few years to follow her husband’s work.
It is for this reason that Carla has incorporated inclusion as a theme into Fox and Mouse Meet Porcupine. 
“I’m used to consistently being “new” in the different cities that I am to temporarily call home,” Carla explains. “I’ve had to adapt to different surroundings, cultures and people. I’m aware that my situation is not unique and that more and more individuals and families need or desire to relocate for work. Children follow along for the journey. In this global world, we ought to encourage our children to be mindful that it is our differences that make us so interesting. Through kindness, respect and curiosity we can gain great friendships.”
Within 24 hours of its release on Amazon, Fox and Mouse Meet Porcupine reached #1 in its category in the Kindle store, both in the US and Canada.
The Spanish adaptation of Fox and Mouse Meet Porcupine will be released this Friday, April 1st.
Carla Faraldo’s other children’s books include Oceanic Tales From Squids down to WhalesCan We Keep Them? The Ocean Edition and Pandora and Earl: A Christmas Tale.
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