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(Newswire.net — March 29, 2016) Atlanta, GA — As an international business professional who has frequently played a central role in product development and management, Jarek Moleda is intimately aware of the product development process. Having specialized primarily in laboratory instruments and medical devices throughout his career, Moleda knows fully well that every new product typically undergoes a rigidly defined production cycle, which ensures the development of a safe and effective product that performs its intended function. 

Investors aren’t always aware of the implications of the production cycle however, and many have questioned the length of time that it takes to get a product from conceptualization to final distribution. While it is understandable for investors to want to get their pay backs quickly, it is important for them to realize that product development in the areas of laboratory instruments and medical devices can take anywhere from 3 to 5 years. This is the length of time necessary to ensure a product that is more “market-ready”, with a better chance of long-term profitability and a more favorable ROI.

That being said, Jarek Moleda is constantly formulating solutions for shortening the product development process. In a paper entitled 7 Ways To Shorten New Product Development Cycle And Mitigate Risks, Moleda outlines a number of effective strategies by which the production cycle for laboratory instruments and medical devices can be shortened without incurring added risk or compromising the quality of the product. The guide is culled from Moleda’s own experience in the industry, which spans more than 15 years in sales and marketing. 

One of the methods proposed by Moleda is the performance of specific activities in parallel. Although all development processes must be undertaken in accordance with established international standards, companies generally have some flexibility with regard to the product development system. By performing certain activities in parallel, it is possible to accelerate the production process while avoiding delays and mitigating risks. 

Moleda also proposes the continued input of ideas into the development process. These ideas may be generated internally or externally, and may include the adoption of concepts, models, and prototypes that are currently “shelved”. When a situation comes up wherein these concepts may be utilized, they may speed up the production process considerably. 

Moleda proposes a number of other solutions to shortening the product development cycle, including the development of multiple variations of a given product, striking a careful balance between design and quality in preparation for launching, and implementing more effective product management processes. Through it all, Moleda’s goal remains the same: to shorten the product development process for laboratory instruments and medical devices, while ensuring that they meet the established standards for quality, performance, and reliability.

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Jarek Moleda is an international business professional who earned his Executive MBA in Global Business from the Georgia Institute of Technology. An innovative and highly effective team player, Moleda has more than 15 years of experience in sales and marketing, focusing primarily on medical devices and laboratory instruments. With an exemplary track record in product development and market launching, he has helped ensure revenue growth and high-profit margins for numerous businesses and enterprises.

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