Hospitality Dental Offers New Rewards Program For Children

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( — April 4, 2016) San Bernardino, California — Hospitality Dental Associates is offering two programs to incentivize their younger patients to take care of their dental health and get excited about coming to the dentist: the Pineapple Points Rewards Program and Buddy Brush Club.

The company’s younger patients, 14 years of age and younger, can join their rewards program and earn points being brave at their appointment, completing dental treatment, coming in on time and other dental health related accomplishments. The children will get a physical rewards card that earns “pineapple points”. When these points accumulate, members can redeem points for gift cards to their favorite places in the Patients Reward HUB app. Members can also play games and enter contests for additional points!

Every month, the company holds two HUB Contests in which members earn pineapple points for participating. The winner of each contest will also get a large sum of points!

The Buddy Brush Club, which Hospitality Dental has offered for many years, is one that gives incentives to children for staying cavity-free. Buddy Brush Club members earn rewards for continued cavity-free exams. The longer they are cavity-free, the bigger their prize. Some of the rewards include stickers, coloring materials, backpacks, and toys. Members can also win prizes like an iPod or a bicycle once they get to highest level.

This program is level-based and members earn prizes as they go up the levels. They can either take their prizes in the office or choose to earn points on their rewards card instead.

To join, a patient must be under 14 years of age. Patients with no cavities when they come in for their regular dental exam can join right away. However, those who have cavities will have to wait until their cavities are filled.

The dental company originally started as a private practice dental office in Riverside, California in 1971. Many years later, it became Hospitality Dental Associates—one of the largest Dental providers in the Inland Empire. Their mission is to promote dental health with Hospitality.  They have seven locations throughout the Inland Empire and one in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

The company specializes in different services: general dentistry, children’s dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics services. To learn more about Hospitality Dental Associates, visit their website at

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Hospitality Dental Associates is a company that offers high quality dental services at affordable rates. Among the services they offer include general dentistry, children’s dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics.

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