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(Newswire.net — April 2, 2016) Seattle, WA — A new website intended to help homeowners design and build a dedicated room for watching television and movies is live online beginning today.

The Home TV Room website provides some advice and tips regarding how a homeowner should go about planning and building the right media viewing room for their home.

The site’s publisher, Ian Phi, explained his new site is primarily designed to give readers a little information about the designing and building process and put them in contact with a professional contractor who will actually complete the job.

“This website is a good starting off point,” stated Phi, “It is intended to point a homeowner in the right direction of how to start the process of getting a terrific media room built in their house.”

“Having a dedicated room built strictly for the purpose of watching a movie or a sports event can be a great, fun addition to a house,” continued Phi, “A room like this tends to become the party room of the house, and it’s usually a great hit with most families.”

“Many owners of big theater rooms become the go-to party destination for watching weekend sporting events,” he said, “If you put in one of these rooms, all of your closest friends and sports fans will want to watch the game at your place.”

Professional Design and Installation Matter

While it might seem to some people that putting together a room like this would be fairly straightforward for a handy homeowner to do on their own, Phi stated an experienced theater room designer has the knowledge to design it the best way and knows which audio, video and seating components would work best for each house.

“A homeowner should be careful with their budget,” Phi said, “It’s very easy for some homeowners to start out with a reasonable budget, only to see that budget creep up and eventually get out of hand as the homwowner adds and upgrades components and accessories. That’s why working with a professional designer is a good idea. It’s their job to keep the homeowner on budget and focused on getting the right room built at the right price.”

“Theater rooms are popular particularly with many buyers of upscale homes,” concluded Phi, “Plenty of buyers consider having one of these rooms to be a big bonus when they are looking for a new house.”

Phi mentioned he is interested in hearing from any homeowner who has gone through the process of contracting and building a dedicated media room in their home and would like to discuss their experience. For more details, you can visit http://www.HomeTVRoom.com.

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Home TV Room is a new online source intended to help homeowners consider, plan and build a theater room in their house. It helps homeowners get in touch with professional home media room contractors.

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