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Dry cleaning businesses have been around for several decades with little change to the way they are run. But that is now beginning to change. Some of the larger dry cleaning companies have realized that, in order to stay ahead of the competition, and provide their increasingly buyer savvy and environmentally aware clients the best possible laundering service possible, they need to move to greener dry cleaning options.

For years now, dry cleaners have used various chemicals to remove stains and odors from all types of fabrics. Unfortunately, these chemicals are harmful to humans and our environment.

One particularly harmful chemical used by the majority of dry cleaners is a Volatile Organic Compound called Perchlorethylene, otherwise known as Perc.

Dry Cleaning with Perc

According to experts, in small doses Perc can cause skin and respiratory irritations, nausea, dizziness, headaches and drowsiness. With prolonged exposure to Perc, it has been known to cause liver and kidney damage, as well as damage to the brain and central nervous system. It is also considered a probable carcinogen, meaning it can cause various cancers.

The extensive use of Perc is a major concern considering the most common forms of exposure to this chemical is via skin contact and inhalation. And Perc is not only harmful to people, it poses potential hazards when dealing with the disposal of waste products of Perc. It can leech into the water table and contaminate soil, potentially creating widespread environment and health issues.

Environmentally Friendly Dry Cleaning

When it comes to environmentally friendly dry cleaning, there are two main options; professional wet cleaning and liquid carbon dioxide cleaning.

Professional wet cleaning uses water as the solvent, as opposed to harmful chemicals like Perc, to dissolve stains and odors. According to Pollution Prevention experts at the Occidental College in California, professional wet cleaning is also a very energy efficient way of dry cleaning.

Liquid carbon dioxide cleaning uses liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) at a high pressure to break down and dissolve stains in fabric fibers. Despite CO2 being a major greenhouse gas, there is no additional CO2 produced during this dry cleaning process, meaning it does not contribute to global warming.

Martinizing: The Greener Dry Cleaner

Some of the larger dry cleaning businesses, like Martinizing Dry Cleaners, have chosen to move to these green cleaning methods. And according to Derek Cafferata, CEO of All State Franchise Finders, who represent the Martinizing Dry Cleaning franchise, this move as helped to establish the brand as a market leader.

“When considering a franchise opportunity, it is vital to look at how the business is protecting and promoting themselves moving forward into the future,” said Derek. “Since 2003, Martinizing Dry Cleaners have established themselves as the ‘Greener Cleaner’. This has helped them attract a client base who care about their personal health as well as the environment, making them an ideal choice for someone looking to become a business owner.”

All State Franchise Finders, who represent more than 250 franchise businesses, are proud to also represent Martinizing Dry Cleaners. For more information contact All State Franchise Finders on 1-800-544-2161 or visit www.allstateff.com today.

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