How Movie Characters’ Names Relate to Everyday People

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( — April 8, 2016) — When people hear your name for the first time, what do they think? Do they think that you are some boring person, or do they think about how awesome you probably are because of your name? Well, all the people with the name Anthony Amado are feeling that way right now.

After the release of the movie American Hustle, every Anthony Amado is asked about this movie. One of the main characters in the movie has that name, and even if they have not seen the movie, everyone knows about it.

American Hustle was released in 2013 as a crime comedy- drama film. The movie is based off of an FBI operation that took place in the 1970s and 1980s. Starring Christian Bale and Amy Adams, the two are forced by FBI agent Bradley Cooper to go after all the stingy politicians, including Anthony Amado, who is played by Alessandro Nivola.

There are many people out there with the name Anthony Amado, and they are all saying how they have been affected by this. Everyone links their name to the movie, making them a star without even trying.

According to an article from, many of the Anthony Amados of the world have felt a difference in their life. People are getting positive feedback because their name connects to someone from a popular movie.

“It’s kind of fun to have my name associated with a movie character,” an Anthony from New Jersey said in’s article. “And the benefit now is, no one forgets my name.”

Having a name that relates back to an Oscar-nominated film and a Golden Globe winner for “Best Film of the Year “ is always a plus. Everyone will always have some way of remembering your name.

“It’s as if the movie has elevated me to star status and I only share the name,” another Anthony said. “You can tell the movie was a hit, cause most people relate my name now with the movie.”

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