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(Newswire.net — April 12, 2016) Houston, Texas — Telephone answering service specialist firm Rite Response and three Texas-based answering service companies have merged under TAS United in a momentous development that has since had a significant impact on the call processing service industry. The merger took place in January 2015, and involved Rite Response (www.riteresponse.com), The Message Center (TMC), and Monroe Answering Service. As part of the merger, Austin-based tech firm GoComm also came together under TAS United.

The merger is part of an ongoing expansion process aimed at delivering a broader range of high-quality services to corporate and business customers in Texas. Already one of the premier call processing firms in the region, TAS United (www.tasunited.com) is expected to undergo a period of renewed dominance in the call service industry as a result of the groundbreaking merger. The move also addresses the increasing demand for world-class telephone answering and call processing services in the state, which has steadily risen over the past several years.

Rite Response is a specialized answering service in Houston that offers a wide range of services to businesses. The company was founded in 1987 by managing partner Vonda Tackett, who in the years since has charted its course toward becoming one of the foremost answering services in Houston, Texas. Rite Response has been a Better Business Bureau award winner for 7 consecutive years confirming its service excellence and ability to remain steadfast customer service driven, 24-7.

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Rite Response is a telephone answering service firm based in Texas. The company has several offices and facilities in the state, with headquarters located in San Antonio, servers in Austin, and a virtual center in Dallas. The company has received recognition from the Better Business Bureau for service excellence for seven consecutive years, and was the recipient of the Pinnacle Award in 2010, and an Award of Excellence in 2011.

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