What Is Back Pain? A Better Understanding

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(Newswire.net — April 18, 2016) Darien, CT — So you have back pain? Take a few Aleve and get back to work. Right? Did you ever wonder what causes back pain? Today you will have a better understanding of why you would get a diagnosis such as sciatica or stenosis.

Lets begin with the architectural wonder called the lumbar spine. It is made up of 5 movable bones that make up the base of your low back. The lumbar region is supported by 3 bones that make up the pelvis. Those bones are the right and left ilia and the sacrum. The ilia is fused to the pubic bone. If you wanted to argue you could say there were 5 in the pelvis. By the time we reach high school our bodies have gone through hundreds of traumas. By then we have all fallen off our bikes or were hit in the head with a soccer ball. You probably never kept count by there are hundreds of traumas that have a cumulative effect on your skeletal system.

These traumas add up over time. The architectural wonder of your spine takes a beating. Then as we age our lives become more sedentary. The muscles that help move the bones are forced to do more work then they can physically handle and alas you have pain. No one likes to do more work than they have to. Your muscles are no different. They have to pick up the slack when you lose mechanical efficiency due to loss of curvature. Next time you enter a building notice the arches. The arch is a strong support, when the arch defaults the supporting structure suffers. Your body is the similar in that when the supporting curves are compromised your muscles have to work harder to support the weight of the body.

Try and think of this way the bones are not doing their job because they are not in the right location. The term we apply to the bone being out of place is subluxation. The job still needs to get done and the muscles are the default workers. The problem worsens when you have nerve involvement with your back pain. The nerve is hard wired to the brain. It gives the brain information and relays commands to the entire body. The brain runs the show and uses the nerves for feedback and to issue orders. When the structure is faulty there is interference between the brain and body part. It can add more pain to already hurting muscles.

So back pain is really more complicated than a simple muscle spasm. Chronic pain in the back is telltale of a far more serious problem. There are co-morbidities of back pain with nerve involvement, disc displacement, subluxations and muscle spasms. the longer you have pain there is a good chance that all of these are going on at the same time. Yes, taking an Advil will help the pain in the short term but the structural deficiencies will need to be addressed if you want to stop your back pain.

I hope you have a better understanding of what back pain is.Lifestyles play an increasing role in lower back pain. Too much sitting and not enough exercising are culprits in making back pain worse. Most are aware of this but few act to take preventative measures.

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