Does Apple TV Support VPN?

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( — April 25, 2016) — With streaming services becoming extremely popular, VPN for Apple TV from Smart DNS Proxy would eventually end up becoming a very common activity amongst thousands of content viewers. One of the most popular streaming services, Netflix is one such example that highlights how people are slowly embracing online content.

However, those living inside the geographical boundaries of the United States will only be able enjoy a whole plethora of content ranging from movies and shows, whereas the rest of globe will not have such a vast library at their fingertips just because they live in a different country. However, things do not have to look this bleak thanks to Smart DNS Proxy, and you will comfortably be able to view the same content that millions of viewers watch from the United States.

How Apple TV and Smart DNS Proxy are able to help you a vast array of content?

The reason why you are unable to view the same level of content and those residing in the United States is because of a method known as geo-blocking. Streaming services determine your current location through the use of geo-blocking and using this method, they provide you with a library based on your location. This would explain why you are unable to view the same level of immersive content for viewers living in the United States. Currently, there are two ways of bypassing regional content-viewing limitations.

1. The ineffective method:

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network is used to streaming Netflix and other services using Apple TV. A VPN re-routes all of your internet traffic through a remote proxy server and allows you unrestricted access to view your favorite TV shows and movies. Unfortunately, even if you have a great ISP that delivers outstanding uploading and downloading speeds, your streaming experience using this method will be below par. In order to get the best possible performance, we recommended following the second method.

2. The best possible method:

A Smart DNS Proxy to unblock Netflix and other streaming services using Apple TV. No matter where you happen to live, Smart DNS Technology determine a user’s geographical location and masks their IP address so that they do not come under the radar of the geo-blocking element. In this way, the United States variant of Netflix is in the palm of your hands, allowing you fluid access to a ton of content. The reason why this process is recommended is because it is quick, painless and delivers the best possible streaming service you could hope for.

Smart DNS Proxy is also compatible with a wide array of products and operating systems. Apart from working on your Windows powered machines such as laptops and desktop computers, Smart DNS Proxy can also work with your Android phone, iPhone, gaming console or even a streaming dongle such as the popular Amazon Fire TV.

Looking at the vast compatibility factor, not to mention the level of streaming performance you get to witness, you can rest assure that Smart DNS Proxy is your gateway to countless content viewing sessions.