Evolution of the Property Management Industry

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(Newswire.net — May 3, 2016) Tampa, Florida — Over the past several decades, the property management industry has seen many changes. Clayton Kennedy of the Florida-based Gain Management has been witness to many, having worked in the field for more than 20 years. According to Clayton, the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM) is the leader in property management training and was instrumental in establishing the original standards as far back as the 1940s. Prior to the establishment of these standards, the field was virtually unregulated. According to the current IREM standards in place, a property management company wanting to be recognized as an accredited firm must employ at least one Certified Property Manager (CPM).  “Property management started out as simple rent collection,” says Clayton, who is a CPM for his company.  “The field has grown and matured to include complex tasks like lease writing, property maintenance, and real estate marketing.” 

Although the industry itself has spearheaded certification efforts, individual U.S. states have been much slower to respond.  Many states do not require separate licensing and training for property managers and usually include those managers under a real estate license.  Some states, particularly Nevada, now require additional coursework to enhance the property manager license and to lend the field more professional credibility. From the simple caretaking operations of decades ago to modern hands-on real estate management and income maximization, the field has adapted to these changes as they have developed.

Gain Management is itself responsible for innovation within the property management industry.  A first for the field, Gain offers its clients the ability to self-manage their own real estate properties using advanced software if they desire.  “The software has become extremely sophisticated,” says Clayton. “Property management software has allowed for much more efficient delivery of services.”

Putting self-management options in the hands of property owners differs from the traditional management model. Until this revolutionary concept was unveiled, the standard practice was for owners turn primary control over to a property manager for a percentage of rents collected as the fee for servicing the property.  Gain still offers full service property management in addition to the self-managed option. For a complete look at the innovation and range of services the company provides to its clients, visit their website at www.gainpropertymanagement.com

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Gain Management is an innovative full service property management company. Licensed and insured, the company is the first of its kind in providing its customers a revolutionary management concept of putting the power into clients’ hands. Those clients may choose full service property management or self-managed services using powerful software. The company is available to provide support and expertise for a low monthly fee.

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