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( — April 29, 2016) Henfield, West Sussex — With society relying more on the digital age for answers to organisation and stress relief, Google’s now jumped onto the self-help bandwagon, providing suggestions for the best ways to stay on top of daily life. From a detailed digital calendars and to-do lists to virtual diaries, Google’s new ‘Goals’ feature could be set to become the ultimate addition to personal development, having been especially adapted for a twenty-first century lifestyle.

Nevertheless, the designers at Google aren’t the only ones to realize the value of having a digital personal growth app in today’s fast-moving digital world. Andy Shaw, creator of the world-renowned ‘Saltori Thinking Method’ has also recently revealed that app developers associated with NASA are presently developing an exclusive Saltori mobile app, for on-the-go personal development.

Saltori representative, Mr Peter Halm, explained that alongside the Saltori books, audio books and videos, a digital app would finally make up the remaining piece of the Saltori puzzle. He went on to say: “The reason the Saltori Thinking System has become so successful is because it adapts to everybody’s specific lives. If you’re on-the-go, you can listen to the audio books, and while settled down at night, you can huddle up with the Saltori hardback books. The application (to be launched shortly) will fill any gaps, and is developed to be utilized by people only having a couple of minutes to spare, or for those just searching for a beneficial pointer or trick to get them through a difficult situation in life.”

Andy Shaw’s keeping the contents of the application a secret at the present time, but it is believed that it will loop together all aspects of the Saltori Thinking Method, and will include an instinctive interface, special self help videos, chapters from the hardback books, and simple access to worldwide online forums made up of hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

Shaw’s Saltori Thinking Method has received numerous evaluations from across the globe, all which can be found on, alongside routinely released complimentary downloads, personality tests, and several chapters from Shaw’s “Creating a Bug Free Mind”.



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