Guys Over 50 Who Need a Unique Mother’s Day Gift Idea

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( — April 29, 2016) Darien, CT — Gentlemen over 50, are you searching for a novel gift idea for Mother’s Day? I have a strange suggestion for something a Mother would never think to ask for how about a prostate examination for yourself? You are probably thinking it has nothing to do with Mother’s Day and you you would be thinking correctly on the surface. However if you stop and think about it, there maybe a logic to this unusual gift idea.

I have yet to meet a guy who wants to get his prostate checked. Maybe you can exclude the 180,890 men who will learn that they have prostate cancer. So while a prostate examination for yourself may appear to be selfish it may save your life. There will be over 26000 deaths attributed to prostate cancer this year alone. An examination could lead to lower rates of death by earlier detection and early treatment.

Some symptoms are frequent urination, chronic lower back pain, difficulty emptying your bladder and in some cases there are no symptoms at all. This is why you need to be examined. The current recomendations are for men to start having regular prostate exams at age 54. If there is a family history of prostate cancer earlier check ups are encouraged.

So while your intended recipient of this Mother’Day Gift may not be expecting such a novel gift she would probably want you to stay alive. So if you are scratching your head for a gift idea maybe you can look up a urologist and make an appointment. The best news is that you have a clean bill of health. Make that special Mom really happy by staying around for a long healthy life.

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