TBOU Launches Mosquitoes Or Us Focused on Mosquito Misting Systems

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(Newswire.net — April 29, 2016) Houston, TEXAS — Texas Bugs-Or-Us, a leader in pest control across the Houston area, has announced the launch of Mosquitoes Or Us. The new organization will supply mosquito misting systems to customers throughout the area, which is especially important as infestations are on the rise. Authorities are bracing for the appearance of Zika virus as it is being spread around the world by Mosquitoes. They’re currently looking for a host of mosquito-borne viruses, according to CBS News, and recent flooding in Houston has raised additional concerns as potential breeding sites are growing.

Mosquitoes Or Us is addressing the problem by supplying mosquito misting systems. Able to protect a family’s backyard, these include a series of misting nozzles that are placed 12 feet apart. One just needs a 110 Volt outlet, where the central distribution tank can be connected to.

Automatic Mosquito Misters Protect Houston Residents

The misting systems work by automatically releasing spray for 30 seconds at a time, two to four times a day. They can kill or repel Mosquitoes, and also ticks, wherever the spray is released into treated areas. Features also include sealed tanks and a seamless tank reservoir. Other important advantages include:

  • Remote control, so people can adjust the system for additional sprays or fewer treatments.
  • Full service and filling of the system by Mosquitoes Or Us.
  • Preparation and winterization of the system by Mosquitoes Or Us.

A Naturally Derived Mosquito Spray

The mist in the new company’s mosquito control systems includes pyrethrum. This widely used botanical mosquito control product comes from chrysanthemum flowers and is biodegradable. It leaves behind no residue and breaks down with exposure to light. Families, visitors, and pets, therefore, are never at risk, while insects are effectively killed or repelled.

The other ingredient is rosemary oil. The product is therefore USDA national organic program compliant. Used for centuries as a mosquito repellant, rosemary oil is also safe. Mosquitoes Or Us has therefore combined top-of-the-line technology with a traditional, natural solution.

Calvin Thigpen of Texas Bugs-Or-Us, said, “Mosquitoes are a nuisance and potentially carry diseases. Houston residents are concerned about the spread of Zika and other mosquito-borne illnesses as of late. Our new business is totally committed to providing top-of-the-line misting systems to residents, so they can keep these pests away and keep their families safe.”

Mosquitoes and ticks have always been major areas of focus for TBOU, and the company has implemented effective solutions for bed bugs, roaches, termites, and even animals. For more information about MOU and Texas Bugs-or-Us, visit the company online at www.texasbugsorus.com.

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