SurgingLife Celebrates New Online Meditation Mp3 Store

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( — May 1, 2016) Kobe, Hyogo-ken — SurgingLife has now opened a new area for all the special meditation music, guided meditation and relaxing music mp3 tracks that people wish to use to aid their pursuit of joyful living and a more enriching life. The store which can be found at and has special celebratory opening prices for its first week, comes as part of a move to make things as easy as possible for those seeking the resources which can help them.

Homeostasis and AromaTouch

The release of the “Homeostasis” music in May of 2015 in its AromaTouch version lead to the creation of a second version for pure relaxation which was released in August of that year alongside the “Peaceful Sleep Induction”. These three pieces on CD have proved to be incredibly popular and many have expressed wishes to add additional SurgingLife soundtracks to their collection due to the sense of power and feeling they get from using them.

These first three soundtracks form the main part of the attraction to the new store area, though there is a sizeable catalogue being added to them. The expanding selection of guided meditation and meditation mp3 tracks represents the drive that is held by SurgingLife for enriching and aiding its users to achieve the dreams and goals that they have in life.

Expanding Collection of Guided Meditation mp3 Tracks

As part of the expanded range a set of guided meditation mp3 tracks recorded by founder Stephen Frost are being made available in two versions, one version being augmented by Theta Wave entrainment for those wishing to go deep into meditation with greater ease. Whilst the other versions will be free of entrainment for those who prefer a purer experience where they can allow their mind to flow to a depth naturally in line with their level of practice and ability.

These first guided meditations being re-released are “The Mindfulness Meditation”, “The Vipassana Meditation”, “The Self Love Meditation”, “The Feel Good Meditation” and “The Calm Meditation”. Old versions were previously available on another website run by Stephen, though they have now been moved to SurgingLife following a series of updates that make them even more effective than they previously were.

Inclusion of Theta Wave Music and Solfeggio Frequencies

Alongside the option for having Theta wave music within them, all tracks have been enhanced by including special sound forms including certain Solfeggio frequencies which aid the listener to achieve certain empowering states with greater ease and in a healthy way. The combination of the updates to the previously recorded tracks makes it even easier for listeners to attain the results they desire as a result of using them now. All in line with the desire of SurgingLife to enhance the lives of all in the best way possible.

The new store area also incorporates the ability for users to acquire CDs for the soundtracks released in that format, notably the “Homeostasis – Music for Relaxation and Restoration” CD which has proven hugely popular, something which is set to delight those who have found it challenging to acquire them due to geographical issues with certain third party stores.

Invitation To Celebrate

To mark the opening of this new online store SurgingLife is offering everyone a 15% discount on all mp3 tracks to mark the occasion. Users can feel free to browse through and preview all the tracks on offer, picking up the ones that will aid them in achieving a greater experience of joyful living and the results they wish to have in their life.

The expanding collection of meditation music, guided meditations, relaxing music mp3 tracks and more can all be found at where the 15% celebratory discount will be in place until the 8th of May 2016. SurgingLife is giving in part due to the joy of the occasion, and it is also looking forward to the prospect of its many users gaining more resources that will aid them in the achievement of joyful living. SurgingLife wishes everyone around the world blessings of peace and joy.

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