SurgingLife Announces Special Global Wellness Day Event

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( — May 31, 2016) Kobe, Hyogo-ken — Global Wellness Day is a special day for looking after personal health and wellbeing, and SurgingLife has special events for those interested in truly fostering their greater wellbeing. Including a set of special free online meditations at varying times so as to benefit users across time zones throughout the world.

Through the majority of daily living and life most people pay scant attention to their true state of health, usually only doing something to take care of themselves when they note a health issue. Global Wellness Day is about going beyond that. It is about actually taking greater care of oneself and fostering wellness, that is doing things which aid to keep the mind and body in good health.

For many people this can cross through a multitude of different things, things as simple and easy as having less sugar as part of a healthy diet, or walking instead of taking the bus or driving, or a multitude of other things which are possible. Though those things only really cover physical health, another vital part of personal wellbeing is that of psychological wellbeing, and that is where SurgingLife is doing a lot to aid people around the world.

Psychological Wellness Is Vitally Important

Psychological health encompasses both the mental and emotional sides of health. It is often neglected by many and can cause huge problems through conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression as well as various others. Yet psychological health is also one of the easiest things to look after providing you do certain things. Meditation is one of the simplest yet most effective of those things.

Meditations Guided By Stephen Frost

Stephen Frost the founder of SurgingLife, a joyful living coach, meditation teacher and specialist across various topics to do with the mind and wellbeing will be leading a series of free online group guided meditations to help those interested in taking greater care of their psychological health. These meditations will be spanning Global Wellness Day and the days on each side so as to allow those in different time zones to attend and get into a practice which can truly change their lives.

Each session will focus around a particular meditation which Stephen will guide participants through, enabling them to relax more deeply and release stresses and strains which they have been holding. Each of these sessions are completely free and held in the view that the benefits experienced by attendees will encourage them to take greater care of their wellbeing and cultivate a meditation practice which they will continue to enjoy and gain benefit from throughout their lives.

As a part of each session there will also be a Q & A session at the end in order to enable attendees to discuss elements of their experience, or ask Stephen for advice on how to meditate with greater ease and build their own independent meditative practice once the sessions have come to a close. Something which he has had much experience with during his work with meditation in numerous organizations most notably being SurgingLife.

A Range Of Timings To Suit Different Time Zones

The full schedule for the events can be found on the SurgingLife Global Wellness Day page where those interested can also find out what to do so that they can enjoy being a part of the sessions. In addition to these more is being offered to those desiring additional longer term help with their practice and developing a psychologically healthier lifestyle for themselves.

Further Benefits For All From SurgingLife

In addition to the group guided meditations with Stephen Frost there will also be special Global Wellness Day pricing available via the store where various mp3 tracks and CDs can be acquired including the popular “Homeostasis – Music For Relaxation And Restoration” soundtrack amongst various others including a new soundtrack lined up for release on the special day. Details of the special pricing, mp3s and CDs can be found at where the focus is on aiding users to achieve joyful living as with the entire SurgingLife ethos.

About SurgingLife

SurgingLife brings aid for everyone seeking positive life change. For those who have been wondering what they can do in order to realise a far more positive lifestyle and a good quality of life, this site is the place to get the help needed. Drawing from meditation, essential oils, ho’oponopono, brainwave entrainment and a wide variety of other things there is solid ground to help those wishing to make meaningful life changes and achieve joyful living. The website can be found at


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