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( — May 6, 2016) Las Vegas, Nevada —  Official Freddie and Sebbie spokesman Neil Speight recently gave same insight into how a growing number of US motorists had been finding their backseat organizer to be the best solution for keeping the car well organized. He added: “Many of the verified consumer reviews seen published on our storefront have confirmed the rise in well organized cars on US highways.”

One verified purchaser, who published a 5 star review on Amazon, has said “I was tired of having a messy car with kids stuff everywhere. I was finding myself in need of supplies when I did not have items for the kids. The wonderful pockets on the organizer, allows for me to store whatever I wish. The kids are excited to fill the pockets as well. I also won’t have scuffs from the boys kicking my seat too! The organizer covers the whole back seat! I highly recommend buying one of these organizers!”

The backseat organizer by Freddie and Sebbie keeps car seats clean, organized and protected. It is designed with extra strong pockets, perfect for storing kids accessories, ipad, tablet, toys, water bottles, and other kids essentials. The organizer is built with high quality, non-toxic and eco friendly, waterproof materials, is easy to clean and won’t scratch your car seats. It is very simple and easy to install and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Although the Nevada based family brand was started by two dads who saw a gap in the marketplace for affordable, everyday items to help with family life, it is not just moms and dads who are impressed with the backseat car organiser. JBS, a verified amazon purchaser stated in a 5 start review “I have to say it works pretty well with my car. I have a 2004 Chevy Impala. I don’t have kids, but I carry things with me that I like to keep in the car such as interior wipes, extra air fresheners, a notebook, bandaids, and those sorts of things. This worked out perfectly with my car. It has an adjustable strap on the bottom to fit around the front seat, which is really what I was hoping for because I wouldn’t be able to stand having it hang. With my seats, you can’t even feel the straps anchoring it because they slide between the cushions.”

More product details and backseat organizer reviews can be seen on Freddie and Sebbie’s Amazon Marketplace store, with additional company details and their items on their website,

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